Book 4 Ancient Guardians: The Reckoning cover & release update!

I’m so excited to share the cover for the final book in the Ancient Guardians series! Book four, The Reckoning is at 665 pages long and this is due to my wanting to combine the fourth and fifth books and end the series at four. I hope you enjoy big books?!?!

The tentative release date is May 30 or 31st. The Reckoning will not only be available in softcover, but on ALL eReading platforms as well!

Thank you to all of our readers for your amazing support and patience while waiting for this book to be released! You are the best and I’m beyond humbled and grateful for your support!

My love to you all,

Stacy ‘S.L’ Morgan

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Alexander Character Interview

Dated: June 2017

An exclusive interview for the fans of the Ancient Guardians Novel Series. Hopefully I asked the right questions to help you better understand Levi and Reece’s son, Alexander. 


Without going into all the details of being picked up in the sleek Pemdai car and hurled into Pemdas, I’m finally sitting in Reece’s favorite room of Pasidian Palace.

I glance around and smile at her personal touches that she made, knowing that it must have been a difficult transition for her to move in with her family after Levi assumed the role of Emperor of Pemdas. But, this is Reece we’re talking about, and she adjusted rather well when she was brought to Pemdas for the first time and in the end, fell in love with Levi and decided this was where she’d live. So, I’m not surprised that a change of living environment would be tough for her.

The family has been rather quiet since I last visited them when the kids were entertained by Zorflaks in the gardens of Oxley Manor and also a short visit when I visited to learn about Levi and Harrison’s first assignment in order to write “Twin Paradox”.

Changes did happen while I was away though. Following the Galactic Wars that Levi successfully led, Emperor Navarre decided it was time to let his son take over the empire.

That revelation was news to me when I first heard about it. I’m used to the idea that emperors and kings give up their thrones due to death or inability to rule, but who am I to judge another realm and what they do? If the emperor wants to retire, then so be it. I’m definitely not going to question the former Emperor Navarre on his decisions. (wink)

My thoughts are interrupted when I hear laughter from outside the elaborate, yet comfortable room I’m sitting in. They’re here, and I’m hoping that Alexander is ready for all the fun questions I’m about to throw his way.

“Stacy!” Reece says in her usual cheerful voice. I’m greeted with a heartfelt hug and note that raising the twins and their youngest daughter Melinda hasn’t taken much of a toll on her. Her eyes are bright with excitement, her golden blond hair flowing freely down her back while dressed in a simple gown. “It is wonderful to see you again.”

She has no idea how happy I am to see her and the rest of the gang again and catch up with them.

Levi is the next to greet me, surprisingly with an embrace and a warm smile. His eyes are still enough to keep even his author mesmerized by them…and let me tell you, this man ages well. Reece sure is one lucky lady.

“Mrs. Morgan,” he says with a wink, knowing I can’t stand being called that by any of them. “It is an honor to have you return to Pemdas.”

“Thank you, your Imperial Majesty,” I return dramatically, knowing that the formalities tend to bother him when he is in a more private setting.

“Stacy,” he says with a smile. He turns back and extends his arm toward a tall, dark-haired young man entering the room who looks like his clone. “Alex, it appears that we’re ready to dig into your darkest secrets. You’re in the spotlight now, kid!”

I look toward the door at Alexander who looks like he’s grown four more inches since I last saw him after recounting the events for writing Twin Paradox.

“Are you sure you wish to talk about only me and my life?” he says with a laugh as he approaches me.

His green eyes are just as brilliant as Reece’s. I can see shades of his mother in him with his smile—a less rigid demeanor than his father—but there is no mistaking Alexander is definitely his father’s son. This should be interesting.

“I plan on writing a little documentary about your life. A lot has happened since the Galactic War, and your father wanted to sit this next story out!” I say as I sit on the comfortable sofa across from the three.

Alexander—who is dressed as immaculately as his father in a long-sleeve button-down shirt, intricately detailed silver waistcoat, cravat, and black trousers—looks over at his father who is sitting to the right of him.

“Really? You believe the galactic wars weren’t adventurous enough for another book to be written about yours and mother’s accomplishments?”

Levi leans forward to peer around Reece who is sitting between her husband and son, “My stories are over for now. If you’d like those who are interested in our family to learn about the next emperor, it is time they all get to know you.”

Reece places her hand casually on Levi’s knee while he relaxes into the sofa, bringing his arm over the edge of it behind his wife. He looks at me, “Let us begin, shall we?”

I can tell that Levi is relieved that this interview will not have him in the spotlight, and more than that, his personal life won’t be shared in another book. The guy is such a gentleman, but sometimes his reserved behavior with stories being shared about him can be annoying.

I pop open my laptop, ready to start this whole thing.

“All right, Alex.” I look over at him and smile, “I can call you that, right?”

He returns my smile with a simple nod, “Of course.”

“All right, to start this thing, I think it’s best if—”

“Hold up!” A familiar and very much expected voice resounds as Harrison enters the room. “I think its best if I’m included in this exclusive interview.”

Harrison ignores the tea that was delivered to the room and goes straight to the buffet to pour himself an amber liquid drink in a crystal glass. He looks back at me, while we watch him in humor. “Morgan, you’re going to need this—and not to fear, I’ll personally drive you home,” he says, raising an empty glass towards me.

“Thanks, but no thanks!” I answer him. “You go ahead a fill yourself up on that, then we’ll move to your deepest and darkest secrets next.”

Harrison laughs as he turns to walk toward an empty, oversized chair to my right, “You seem to forget,” he takes a sip, “The Pemdai mind can control drinks of any nature trying to alter it. Nice try, though.”

I shake my head, knowing that with Harrison interrupting this interview, we may be here all day and I’ll be begging for that drink when we’re done—and I don’t drink!

“Don’t you have work to do in the command center?” Levi asks with a smirk.

Harrison nodded toward him, “You must know that nothing could keep me away from this.”

“Does Angie know you’re in here?” Reece asked with a laugh.

“Nope.” Harrison took another sip, “She believes I’m on assignment,” he looked at me propping a leg up over the other. “In my defense, I didn’t lie to her. I am on assignment…an assignment with our author.”

Levi rolled his eyes and looked at me, “Obviously, you’re used to this with him, so I’m sure he shouldn’t bother you too much.”

“As long as we get this done today, I’ll be fine.”

“Keep on acting like you don’t want me here, I know you love it,” Harrison said smugly. “Now, where are we with our little time-jumping warrior and his amazing skills?”

“We were just getting started, and now I am wishing I brought my questions with me because I’m trying to figure out where to start.” I eye Harrison.

“You’ll be fine.” Harrison encouraged with his usual flirty grin.

“Alex,” I bring my attention back to Levi’s look-a-like son, “I guess I’ll start with the easy stuff.”

“Sounds perfect,” he responds confidently.

“How was it growing up at Oxley Manor? Do you have any fond memories of your former home?”

Alex leans forward, clasps his hands, and seems to be struggling to find an answer.

“It’s not that hard of a question,” Harrison chimes in.

Alex smiles. “There are so many fond memories of our home. We used to take horseback rides every day, and my sisters and I would play in the pond, trying to catch amphibians. Before my sisters and I went into the Guardian training, we had a lot of peaceful times when it was just us.” He looked over at Levi and then back to me, “Father made a lot of efforts to remain here in Pemdas instead serving a lot on Earth. I see now where it was a bit of a sacrifice, but I can’t thank him enough for putting mother and all of his children first in his life while we grew up.”

“Knowing what I know about your father,” I return Alex’s smile, “I can definitely see him putting Guarding on Earth on hold for a while.”

I look at Levi and Reece. “Who is Alex most like in your opinion? Mom or Dad?”

Levi glances over at Alex, and his eyes tighten in a humorous expression, “Poor kid inherited my short temper, but I believe his mother’s humor comes out a lot in him. He’s definitely more outgoing with people than I ever was at his age. In that regard, he’s definitely like his mother.”

“To be sure,” Harrison interjected with a laugh. “Because I have a knack for interrupting, I must interject here.”

I look over at Harrison’s smile. The guy can drive me insane, but it’s hard to stay annoyed with him. “Please, Harrison, I’m sure everyone is dying to know what you think.” I bring my attention to him.

“First of all, Alex is definitely is own person.” He winked at Alex who watched Harrison with some anticipation. “But if readers must know what the kid is truly like, I would say that he’s still young and has a lot to learn. He’s humble and takes criticism well.”

“Are you speaking as his commander or uncle?”

“Both,” Harrison returned. “It takes a lot to admit when you’re wrong—especially when you have the Oxley Genes running through your blood—and there have been situations where Alex found himself at the mercy of an enemy because of his lack of experience.”

“Oh?” I’m quite surprised Harrison just went into Commander mode on me, and I look to Alexander for his reaction. Alexander sighs, yet smiles in response.

“He’s right.” Alexander laughs, “I’ve definitely made some unwise decisions while dealing with rogue time travelers, but I’ve certainly learned from them. I believe that if I hadn’t made some foolish errors, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

“That’s an excellent way to look at it all. Now, some readers may read this book and expect to see “Levi Junior” in it. How do you feel about growing up in your father’s shadow like this?”

“You mean the readers may not like me because I am not exactly like my father?” he responds with a curious expression.

“Not trying to insult you here, but they—we—all love your mother and father’s story in the first four books that I wrote. Some may have difficulty reading about you, knowing your Levi’s son, but not reacting to certain situations as he would.”

“Wow,” Harrison speaks up. “I, personally, would go mad if I were dealing with an exact carbon copy of Levi at this age again.” He looked at Levi, both men exchanging knowing grins, “As much as I love the man, I can safely say that Levi was a challenge at Alex’s age. Sadly, the man was arrogant and highly annoying with the need to impress everyone that he was suited to be the next Emperor of Pemdas. Do we really need to revisit what we all suffered through with the guy having amnesia brought on by Mordegrin?”

“No!” I answer. “I’m sure Reece would appreciate us leaving all of that in the past.”

“Not as much as I would,” Levi says, glancing at Reece and then back to me. “Off topic, I still must inquire as to why you put all of that in your novel?”

“Plot!” Harrison says with a laugh, “And if you think about it? That situation was critical to what we were facing even though it meant revealing that you kissed Isabel.”

Unexpectedly, Reece laughs at that. “Harrison,” she eyes him, “We never told Alexander about that.”

Harrison rolls his eyes, “Can’t say that I blame you.” He looked at Alexander who was covering a smile, “Looks like the cat’s out of the bag now. I believe that is why I enjoy the fact that you aren’t exactly like him. Though, you do try and dodge all the eligible princesses when they visit the palace—that is definitely you acting like your father in his late teens as well.”

Alex shrugs, “You act as though that is a bad thing.”

“It’s not,” Levi says. “Trust me: if there was one thing I wish I could save you from, it’s the young ladies who will throw themselves at you in hopes to be the next empress.”

“He does fine with all of that,” Reece looks at Alexander. “He’s not entirely rude, but he makes it perfectly clear that he is not interested in settling down and marrying soon. Don’t you? You’d better not be rude, Alex.”

“Is it just me or did this conversation become extremely awkward?” Alexander responds.

“It’s awkward.” I try to make him feel at ease. “Just to clear the air, though, you’re not in any relationship, correct?”

All eyes are now on Alexander.

“No,” he says resolutely. “I am more interested in serving as a Guardian than courting anyone.”

“Moving on,” I wink at Alexander becoming uncomfortable. “How do you feel about becoming the next heir to the Empire?”

His lips twist. “Currently? I do consider the day when that will happen, though it is not what I give my full attention to. Fortunately, father and I have had a lot of conversations about the day he will turn the throne over to me, and that won’t be for a long time. For that, I’m grateful.”

“So what’s it like to police the Time Travelers?”

“My sister, Alysia, and I do that together. Her intuition picks up on rogue travelers before our systems in the command center do. It can be thrilling and exhausting all in the same. I’m truly thankful that Alysia and I do it together, as it is nice not to travel through the ripples of time alone. Recently, we’ve had our hands full with other realms testing us, and we’ve taken my cousins and highly trained Guardians with us to capture the ones that must be sent to The Void.”

“What’s The Void?” I ask.

“It’s similar to an abyss. You must understand though, the ones we send to The Void are extremely evil, and a lot of lives have been saved and left unaltered by sending them to the darkness.”

“It seems as though you struggle with that some?”

I watch as Levi’s expression becomes dark when he looks over at his son. “We all have a great difficulty sending any being into such oblivion; however, we have to put the safety of innocent lives first. Since time travel has been introduced to all of us, it has the unique ability to draw out those with the most sinister of intentions, that is why we must do this. The travelers that are out there know the consequences of altering time, and it tends to diminish the threats. It is a daunting task, but I believe Alex handles it well.” Levi says with a proud smile.

“It seems as though he does, I think we’re all in great hands.” I answer Levi. I look back to Alexander. “So, Alex, I have to ask: Do you ever have moments where you wished you didn’t have the capabilities of traveling through time?”

“No,” he is quick to respond. “I have never known any other way. I know it is my destiny, and I’m grateful for the talent.”

“Are you ever tempted to travel through time for your own enjoyment?”

“I’d love to know the future and what it all holds, but I am not the type of person who likes to know the ending of a book without reading the middle first.” He tightens his lips, “Besides, with each breath we take and decision we make, time is altered. It is not something to play with. I’ve seen travelers become obsessed, and it’s better to live in the present.”

“Listen to young Alex here,” Harrison speaks up, “He’s all grown up and ready to start training Guardians.”

“Reece,” I ignore Harrison. “What would you like readers to know about your son?”

Reece, once sitting fully relaxed into Levi’s side, sits up some. “Well, like Harrison said earlier, he’s definitely his own person. He’s smart, curious, and headstrong. If I were meeting Alex for the first time, I would see that he is quite the gentleman, like his father, but a bit more relaxed and outgoing. At times it seems like he carries the weight of the world on his shoulders, but he is very grounded, so he tends to have an easier time letting things go.”

“You seem very proud.”

“Levi and I are extremely proud of Alexander.” She says a she playfully nudges her son.

“Well, I definitely need to know, Reece…are you comfortable with him dating, or should I say courting young princesses?”

“I can’t honestly see Alex courting a princess—Well, certainly not any of the ones who’ve been lurking around here for the past few years anyway.” She laughs at Alexander’s smirk, “Of course, he’s free to court whomever he wishes, and sometimes love can catch you by surprise, but he’s very much like his father. I think growing up the way Levi and Alex have tends to be isolating in the fact that you aren’t ever too sure that the other person is interested in you because you are an interesting person or because your station in life will benefit them.”

“Very true.” I turn the questions back to Alex, “Alex, what do you think your weaknesses are?” I ask.

He lets out a laugh. “Is this a job interview?”

“We need to know what we’re in for with you, kid,” I tease.

“Without a doubt, it is probably the fact that being quick to anger can tend to overrule my better judgment. I look forward to the day where I am wiser than to give in to it, and I feel like I get better at controlling it every day, but that is something I wish I didn’t struggle with. I don’t like things to be out of my control.”

“Who does?”

“In my line of work, it happens more often than not. I just have to embrace it and learn from it.” He clasps his hands together. “Overall, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell.”

“Is this interview getting old?” I smile sympathetically.

“It is sort of odd, I guess? But I did agree to have my personal story written. I just hope something interesting happens, or the readers will be quite bored.”

“It’s why I still don’t understand why Morgan hasn’t written a series about her favorite person in all of Pemdas…ME,” Harrison tries to scold me with a look.

“You’re the fun side-kick,” I tease.

“Well, one day my father is going to die, and guess who’s up for resigning as commander and having to rule over Vinsmonth Kingdom?”

“I don’t see that happening any time soon,” I act disinterested.

“You never know.” Harrison stands up, “We aren’t immortal. My father could check out at any time, and then you’ll be following the life and times of—”

“Hold up,” Levi interjects with a smile. “You plan on poisoning my uncle? Last I checked, he was in excellent health.”

“One never knows.”

“You want a story that bad?” Levi and I say at the same time.

“Yes,” Harrison eyes me. “Well, Angie may not want to be in the spotlight so much, but that is not up to her.”

We all laugh.

“Right. How about this,” I stand, prompting everyone else to stand as well, “You talk to Angie, and when she says she wants a book series written about your personal lives, I’ll write it.”

“Really?” Harrison rolls his eyes, “She’ll never agree to it, and you know it.”

“Then it’s settled.”

Levi approaches me first. “To be honest, I feel it would be highly enjoyable for you to put Harrison under the spotlight like that. Perhaps it will humble him some?”

I look at Mr. Dazzling Blue Eyes, “I feel if I do it, he’ll make things up just to have some spectacular story written about him.”

“I heard that, Stace, and yes I would,” Harrison answers.

With no more questions to ask, Reece invites me to an outdoor luncheon with all of the family, and without reservation, I take her up on her offer. If only I could ditch my life on Earth and live here with everyone, I would. Thankfully, I’m invited to visit often, and that keeps the longing to live in this fantastic realm at bay.

Now, here’s hoping Alexander will have a good story to tell and I’m a bit excited at the possibility of being invited to travel through time with him just to experience what it’s all about.

***Update: It is now April 10th, and I have finally finished writing and documenting Alexander’s first story. I have to say that I was shocked—everyone was shocked—to say the least at what the future held for Alexander and the entire family. Without giving anything away, Alex’s books are definitely an intriguing adventure.

Though this first book, which releases today, focuses solely on Alexander and introduces a new character, and dragons…I can safely say that Levi, Reece, and Harrison are forced into this series whether they expected to be or not.

Who knew there was a darker enemy than Mordegrin? I guess this is what happens when all galaxies have been opened up…you never know what you’re going to face.

To learn more about Alexander and read the first book in his own series: “Dragon’s Curse” you can now read it today on all online retail outlets. Click here

Here’s the page that will take you to the online store of your choice to begin reading about Alexander in Cursed.







Cover Reveal

The next episode in the mini series: The Guardians has a cover! YAY!


Is set to release this spring. I hope you will join Levi and Harrison as they return to Earth on their second assignment as young Guardian Warriors. In this episode they quickly learn that sea creatures, or what humans refer to as Mermaids are not as they appear in a fairytale!

Prepare to have any of your fantasies about mermaids destroyed as the Guardians work to stop these evil beings from destroying innocent lives.

Cover: (Hint: I find it quite interesting that this stunning woman has the exact same eye color as Levi’s…when you read Submerged you’ll find out exactly why.)


Ancient Guardians Novel Series Boxed Set

The Multi-Award winning novel series that is captivating readers from around the world is now available in a boxed set on all eReading sites!

The Legacy of the Key – The Uninvited- The Awakening

After being rescued by a enigmatic man who mysteriously battled and defeated two men trying to attack her, Reece is left with nothing but to trust this man for her protection.

Overwhelmed when she is transported into a majestic and mesmerizing dimension, Reece will soon learn the truth of who she is and why she was brought into this fascinating new world.

After accepting that these men, Levi and Harrison had only served to protect her, Reece must now accept that her life will be changed forever. Will She ever return to Earth and the normal life she once had?

Once a strange attraction begins to form between her and her personal guardian, Levi, who is also the Emperor’s son, everyone’s life is forced into danger.

Jealousy, betrayal and hatred will lead Reece and the Guardians into the greatest danger they believe they could ever face.

Follow Reece as she accepts the impossible conspiracies are true, and you just might be left wondering for yourself…is there really life out there and if so, are there beings that serve to protect humans on Earth from the dangerous beings who serve to harm and terrorize humans.

This riveting journey that promises to keep you turning pages until the very end, will leave you wondering yourself, ‘Is there really life out there?’

Grab your copy on these sites: 99 Cents for a LIMITED TIME.

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Release Day for the NEW book in the novella series: The Guardians!


I am so excited to share the news that the NEW novella series kicks off today with the first book, “TWIN PARADOX” It has been extremely exciting to go ‘back in time’ to where Levi and Harrison first became Guardians and began serving on Earth. In “Twin Paradox” (which is 24K words long) readers will meet a younger Levi and Harrison and journey with the cousins on their first assignment. This first assignment will not only have Levi and Harrison surprised with what they discover, but readers might be surprised as well!

For only 99 cents, Twin Paradox is ready for you to read today! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! Welcome to the new mini-series:

The Guardians: Twin Paradox (The Guardians Series, Episode One) Links below:

Goodreads       Amazon       Kobo      Apple    NOOK

Happy Reading!!!

S.L. Morgan


How well do I know my characters?

I stumbled across this blog: Novel Software by “The Novel Factory” and saw this post and couldn’t resist.

In the Ancient Guardians novel series I have quite a few characters that are loved by readers. I randomly selected one, and decided to answer questions about this character.

Harrison Oxley makes his debut in the first book of the Ancient Guardians series as a secondary character. He swiftly jumps out of the category (his personality) and has stolen the hearts of many readers with his sarcasm, humor and witty nature. As the series progresses, Harrison’s point of view is written into the books. This begins in book three, ‘The Awakening,’ and he loves every minute of the spotlight. Readers have often referred to him as their favorite bad/good boy! Okay, enough back story…let’s answer some questions about Mr. Harrison Oxley!


The Ultimate Character Questionnaire (156 questions)
This character questionnaire has been collated from a variety of sources. It has been split into categories to try to make it more manageable, but this categorisation is far from perfect and lots of the questions could probably be in more than one category.



First name: Harrison
Surname: Oxley
Middle name: James
Nicknames: Harry
Date of birth: June 5, 1985
Age: 31 (Current Date)

Physical Appearance
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 240
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing facial features? Mischievous Smile
Which facial feature is most prominent? Eyes
Which bodily feature is most prominent? Smile
Skin: Olive
Hands: Strong
Scars: Across chest (childhood accident)
Birthmarks? none
Physical handicaps? none
Type of clothes? Depends on where he is or assignment he’s on while on duty.  In his realm, he is usually dressed in trousers, waistcoat, tailcoat, and muslin shirt. On Duty: Most of the time a dark 3 piece suit.
How do they wear their clothes? clean, pressed and meticulously cared for unless an assignment advises otherwise.
What are their feet like? (type of shoes, state of shoes, socks, feet, pristine, dirty, worn, etc) Shoes always polished. Feet? Well taken care of.
Race / Ethnicity? Pemdai on earth we would see him as a white male.

What words or phrases do they overuse? Indeed
Are they more optimistic or pessimistic? Optimistic
What makes them laugh out loud? Someone making a fool of themselves would be an instant outburst for him.
How do they display affection? Sarcasm
How do they want to be seen by others? Don’t get me started. ‘The most handsome, well-rounded and enjoyable person to be around.’
How do they see themselves? Same as above.
How are they seen by others? Fun, exciting, adventurous, loving, daring and arrogant.
Strongest character trait. Quick wit
Weakest character trait. Loses temper without warning.
How competitive are they? 10 on a scale of 1-10
Do they make snap judgements or take time to consider? Both
How do they react to praise? enjoys it all and agrees with the one(s) praising him.
How do they react to criticism? It depends on the one criticizing him. Mostly ignores is or counters back to make the one criticizing him feel dumb for doing so.
What is their greatest fear? Losing someone innocent or dear
What are their biggest secrets? He won’t tell me.
What is their philosophy of life? “The meaning of life is to give it meaning.”
When was the last time they cried? It was documented for readers in the fourth and final book of the Ancient Guardians series: “The Reckoning.”
What haunts them? The fact that he could not prevent the situation that occurred prompting him to shed tears in the book, “The Reckoning.”
What will they stand up for? Honor
Are they indoorsy or outdoorsy? outdoorsy
What is their sinful little habit? Antagonizing others purposefully.
What sense do they most rely on? Mind
How do they treat people better than them? Harrison will respect any honorable individual that is better than him. At times and depending on the situation, he is known for using his quick wit to bring that individual to a state that is no longer ‘better’ than him. Most of this is always done out of good humor in his opinion.
How do they treat people worse than them? Someone in a bad position? Harrison has a heart of gold and would do anything to ensure they are happy and confident. An enemy? In his line of work, Harrison holds nothing back to bring an evil being to justice. Spiteful individuals always fall victim to his sarcastic wit, bringing them down and insulting them until they understand they are rude and their behavior is unacceptable.
What quality do they most value in a friend? Loyalty and good humor.
What do they consider an overrated virtue? In his realm? Marrying out of duty to a position.
If they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be? Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
What is their obsession? Battle training

Friends and Family
Is their family big or small? Who does it consist of? Immediate family: Father; King Nathaniel Oxley, Mother; Queen Madeleine Oxley, Sister; Princess/Duchess Lillian Oxley
What is their perception of family? You don’t have to be blood to be family.
Do they have siblings? Older or younger? Younger, Lillian Marie Oxley
Describe their best friend. His only cousin Levi. They grew up together and is one year older than Harrison. He is the emperor’s son and despite Harrison’s constant teasing him, the two are very close friends.
Ideal best friend? Someone who is loyal, honorable and can tolerate him.
Describe their other friends. Witty, tolerable, and adventurous.
Describe their acquaintances. Kings, Queens, and princesses.
Do they have any pets? He wouldn’t consider the Guardian horses he owns as pets, so none.

Past and Future
What was your character like as a baby? As a child? Happy baby, unruly child.
Did they grow up rich or poor? Rich
Did they grow up nurtured or neglected? nurtured
What is their greatest achievement? Guarding ‘The Key’
What was their first kiss like? Not something he would brag about.
What is the worst thing they did to someone they loved? Told her he loved her against his own power.
What advice would they give their younger self? Change your viewpoint on love.
What smells remind them of their childhood? Warm bread coming from the kitchens.
What is their best childhood memory? Learning to ride and tame a Guardian stallion at the age of eight.
What is their worst childhood memory? Falling into rushing waters and pinned underneath a rock after a branch he used as a bridge failed and snapped in half.
Did they have an imaginary childhood friend? No
When was the last time they were crushed with disappointment? When he failed to save a life/lives he had sworn to protect with his.
What past act are they most ashamed of? The way he first treated the woman who he would finally realize he had come to love.
What past act are they most proud of? Rescuing his uncle, Emperor Navarre.
Has anyone ever saved their life? Yes.
Strongest childhood memory? Playing with his cousin, Levi and close friend Julian Hamilton as if they were guardians when they still had much to learn.

Do they believe in love at first sight? Does now.
Are they in a relationship? Married
How do they behave in a relationship? Wildly, but follows his wife’s rules like a loyal little puppy dog.
When did you character last have sex? Really? He didn’t tell me.
What sort of sex do they have? Whatever it is, I’m fairly sure agrees well with his wife.
Has your character ever been in love? Yes
Have they ever had their heart broken? Yes (With the only one woman of which he fell in love.)

How do they respond to a threat? Reading the situation in order to process how to attack. Never panics.
Are they most likely to fight with their fists or their tongue? Both.
What is your character’s kryptonite? Harming those who are dear to him.
If your character could only save one thing from their burning house, what would it be? A life.
How do they perceive strangers? Does not fear them.
What do they love to hate? His wife being right.
What are their phobias? None
What is their choice of weapon? Longsword
What living person do they most despise? Sadly, his sister.
Have they ever been bullied or teased? Teased relentlessly by those closest to him.
Where do they go when they’re angry? Away from people
Who are their enemies and why? Any being seeking to harm people of Earth or other innocent beings. Greatest enemy are The Ciatrons, alien species from dimension of Ciatris.

Work, Education and Hobbies
What do they think about their current job? Highly enjoys it
What are their hobbies? Aggressive training, horseback riding, and sparring.
Educational background: Private tutor, Guardian training
Work experience/occupation: Instructor of Guardians, Commander of Guardians, Guarding “The Key”, Guarding humans and other innocent beings. Occupation: Warrior.

What is their favourite animal? Guardian Stallion
What place would they most like to visit? He’s been everywhere
What is the most beautiful thing they’ve ever seen? That’s a hard one for him.
What is their favourite song? Anything Bob Seagar
Music, art, reading preferred? Music
What is their favourite color? Black
What is their password? Like he would tell me.
Favourite food: Red meat of any kind
What is their favourite work of art? Landscapes
Who is their favourite artist? his cousin Elizabeth
What is their favourite day of the week? Monday (Because everyone hates it)

What is in their fridge: Ask his staff
What is on their bedside table? A lamp his wife picked out
What is in their car? Communication devices
What is in their bin? Boots
What is in their purse or wallet? Fake ID’s, cash, and passports.
What is in their pockets? Knife, loose change and communication device
What is their most treasured possession? A carved wooden arrow he made himself and gave to his wife. He always believed it to bring him good luck in dangerous situations.


What do they think is the worst thing that can be done to a person? Wrongfully accused.
What is their view of ‘freedom’? Living without feeling a need to impress anyone physically or mentally.
When did they last lie? Good question!!!
What’s their view of lying? AND I QUOTE…Sometimes lying might be the better option!
When did they last make a promise? Everyday
Did they keep or break their last promise? Keep

Daily life
What are their eating habits? Regularly
Do they have any allergies? No
Describe their home. Lavish brick home, close to Levi’s estate and Pasidian Palace.
Are they minimalist or a clutter hoarder? minimalist
What do they do first thing on a weekday morning? Aggressive battle training and workout.
What do they do on a Sunday afternoon? Reflect and enjoy family.
What do they do on a Friday night? Every night is a friday night
What is the soft drink of choice? Coke
What is their alcoholic drink of choice? Don’t get him started.

What is their character archetype? (Innocent, Orphan, Hero, Caregiver, Explorer, Rebel, Lover, Creator, Jester, Sage, Magician, Ruler) Hero/Jester/rebel
Who is their hero? Grandfather Alexander James Oxley
What or who would your character dress up as for Halloween? A pumpkin. Ha! He’s not into the holiday.
Are they comfortable with technology? More than.
If they could save one person, who would it be? His wife
If they could call one person for help, who would it be? Levi
What is their greatest regret? See above
What is their perception of redemption? Proved through actions
What would they do if they won the lottery? Doesn’t play
What is their favourite fairytale? Is Robin Hood a fairytale?
What fairytale do they hate? I would guess Tarzan
Do they believe in happy endings? Doesn’t worry over them
What is their idea of perfect happiness? Being Content no matter the circumstance
What would they ask a fortune teller? To stop telling fortunes and let people live their lives in mystery due to the excitement of not knowing what the future holds.
If your character could travel through time, where would they go? That’s funny!
What sport do they excel at? Anything he sets out to do
What sport do they suck at? Nothing
If they could have a superpower, what would they choose? He already is quipped with the one thing he would choose: Ability to use 100% of his mind.


So there, that’s it! Hopefully I answered all of these correctly, because Harrison is the ‘only’ character in my book series that went behind my back and opened up a social media account!!!

This was truly fun and definitely a good test to see how well I know my characters. I give myself a 100%! A+++!

Until next time!