Will the release date ever come?

“Writing the book is the easy part…”

Before my manuscript was sent to an editor, I thought this statement was absurd. However, I never gave much credence to what the editor did in the first place…

They are the one’s who work agressively and diligently to polish the novel. I do wonder how any editor can enjoy reading a novel after I see the tiny issues they find. Things my mind would have never picked up, yet the editor found it and fixed it. They are the reasons, when we read any novel, we are not ripped out of our fantasy due to a quotation mark being left out, or “their” spelled “there.”

Why am I telling you all of this? Only so that you will understand why we are awaiting the release date of this book. We are in the “polishing” stages of editing. Fine tuning in order to present a novel that you can easily get lost in.

It has been a tiring last couple of months in editing for me and I will not lie when I say, I wanted to give up and just keep my book for myself. Yet, I am so passionate and I love my character’s and this book so much, I couldn’t give up. I pressed on because I wanted to share this exciting new adventure with everyone else. I want to bring my reader’s on an exciting journey and I will not give up until they are able to join me on it as well.

So as we are in the final days of editing, I only ask that anyone who wishes to read; Ancient Guardians: Legacy of the Key, please have patience with us.

Crossing my fingers for a guaranteed Novermber release!


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