Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the KEy

My personal ‘notes’ for writing!


When your laptop isn’t ready to go….
They say that when writers are flooded with information for their novels, grab the closest notebook and start writing it down!
I just found this notebook, where I wrote every idea I had for The Legacy of the Key I filled the entire notebook up with storyline, plots, descriptions, and character conflicts, etc!
It’s funny to read through them, and see my original concept of writing my first book!
I’m still looking for the notebook that I used to write the nine page outline for Book 2!
Thought I’d share my crazy little life of writing books!!!


Shoppers Beware!!!!

‘Tis the season when everyone (well most everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving) is out shopping to buy the necessary items to feed their guest! I get really excited during the holiday season…and was ready to happily go get my turkey and food for the thanksgiving feast! Here’s my before picture! (Still safeat home!


….and then we went shopping After my three wonderful children drove me nearly insane and my purse was almost snatched from my cart, I came home with only a turkey and a ham…and my sanity completely gone! Here’s the after shot and the shoppers beware photo! It’s crazy out there!



Please help us help Amber! Here is her amazing story of survival

Please help us help Amber! Here is her amazing story of survival


On June 30, 2013, Amber Trimble joined the TCFD family as an Emergency Dispatcher in FireComm. Over the next few months she progressed rapidly through training and was nearing becoming a fully functional solo dispatcher when, on September 29, 2013, her world was turned upside down. After working a shift in FireComm, Amber and some friends took a motorcycle ride up towards Shaver Lake. The motorcycle she was on drifted into oncoming traffic and was struck head on, ejecting both of its passengers and bursting into flames. Amber was airlifted to CRMC in critical condition. The driver of her motorcycle did not survive. Their friends who were riding on another motorcycle were also transported to the hospital with injuries.

Amber suffered many broken bones, on all extremities, as well as her pelvis and ribs. Additionally she suffered internal injuries, including a collapsed lung. She was in the hospital for several weeks and has recently been released. Amber is now home where her healing has begun. Because of the external pins holding her pelvis in place, she is not able to sit up and is therefore bed ridden. It is expected that after 6-8 weeks she will be able to start bearing weight and physical therapy will begin to get her moving again. In addition to being bed ridden, both feet are also in casts. Due to the extent of her injuries, Amber is obviously not able to return to work for quite some time.

Unfortunately, Amber was still a probationary employee when this incident occurred. Thankfully her position is being held until she returns; however, because of her non-permanent status (regular employee), the county will not allow a vacation donation bank to be established for her. Amber is only receiving a portion of her income through California Disability Insurance (SDI). In the short time that Amber has been with FireComm she has proven to be such an asset; not just within FireComm, but also by helping to make the National Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial Golf Tournament a success. She has proven to be a professional, generous, fun-loving, compassionate addition to FireComm and the TCFD family.

Amber’s healing process will be a long one, both physically and emotionally as she lost a very dear friend to her in the accident. There is only so much that we can do to help her with the physical and emotional healing. The one thing we can help with is the financial burden being placed on her by not having her full income and having to pay for her Cobra Insurance (an over $500/mo expense she did not have previously).

We ask that you consider making a monetary donation to help relieve the financial burden Amber is bearing because of this tragic incident. All money will go directly to Amber and will be used to cover her Cobra Insurance as well as any other expenses she needs assistance with. No amount is too small, as any donations will help. 

Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the KEy

Inside story on writing, The Legacy of the Key

While writing, this is a picture of how I imagined the Guardian horses jumping the protective barriers of Pemdas…and landing into the fascinating world of the Pemdai! As I wrote, I had hoped that I was able to accurately write this enchanting world!
In writing, it’s difficult to draw the line between too much description and not enough! I can safely say that the descriptions are my biggest challenge! I can either bore and slow the readers down or bring them into this world with me!


Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the KEy

Excerpt & Image from Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key

So I decided I would share an excerpt when Reece first experienced Levi and Harrison’s eyes glow in Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key.
I don’t like giving away full identities of the characters as I like the readers to imagine them in their own minds…so I just decided to give you an idea of how I imagine the Guardians eyes glow while they read mind & handle situations! It might be kind of creepy but it was fun creating the special effects. Pic & excerpt below! Enjoy

Excerpt from Ancient Guardians The Legacy of the Key

She heard a step and looked backward down the aisle. Through the curtain that separated first class from coach, stepped the two young men she had seen earlier. They didn’t stop, but walked toward the cockpit. Now, she was a little concerned. Both men looked extremely somber. She noticed their blue eyes. Very blue eyes. They were almost—they were glowing, like sapphires reflecting the light.
Reece looked around at her fellow passengers, but no one seemed to notice anything strange. In fact, no one seemed to notice anything at all; they all stared straight ahead like mannequins, and the flight attendants were nowhere to be seen.
to notice anything strange. In fact, no one seemed to notice anything at all; they all stared straight ahead like mannequins, and the flight attendants were nowhere to be seen…

Can you decide which one could be Levi or Harrison 😉



An insider on how I write believable characters.

All writer’s are different in their approach to writing. I wanted to share how I go about writing my characters…and making them believable. Enjoy. -SL.

In my opinion, having believable characters is the heart and soul of a novel. As authors, when we create our fantasy world (or whatever you may refer to it as) we are faced with many issues; the biggest of which is making fiction feel as though it were real. Drawing a reader into our fictional novels and making them believe they are really living in this story is quite a task. I strongly believe that if the characters are well-written and believable, the reader will easily become captivated by your story.

When I read novels, it has always been the characters that have drawn me in. I either want to know more about them, be friends with them, or marry them. I think most readers are that way. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if Mr. Darcy and Miss Elizabeth (from Jane Austen’s, Pride and Prejudice) lived on Mars; I am so attached to those characters and their story that I would happily accept living on Mars with them. These are the things I kept in mind when I wrote Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key.

In my book, the readers are swept into an alternate dimension. The events that happen throughout this book had me wondering if my imagination had finally validated that I might very well be crazy. I felt like I was taking a big risk writing something I knew nothing about (such as inter-dimensional travel and alien species). I’ll be honest with you, I’ve never worked for NASA, and I’ve lived on Earth my entire life. This is why I needed my characters to get my back. They had to be believable, and the readers had to be drawn to them or the storyline might have been a little flat. 

So, in order for me to make a character believable, I have to believe they really do exist. I have to know their personalities, what makes them happy, sad, emotional, and humorous. It may help to sit down and write an outline of your characters. Give them personality. Set their stories up, know their history, and know who they are. Once you have done this, it’s time to play their parts. This was my absolute favorite part of writing. In my book, Reece Bryant is my main character and I wrote the entire book in her point of view and I really enjoyed playing her role. She’s not over dramatic and she’s not too confident. She goes through quite a bit at the beginning of the book, and it’s fun to react as Reece would to the bizarre circumstances she is faced with. Although this book is written through Reece’s POV, it is essential that know the characters that are interacting with her as well. For example, I have a scene where my characters are all in a room together, and the tension is so thick that you could cut it with a knife. In this scene, I know how everyone is feeling. I know who’s causing the tension, who’s threatened by it, and I know who’s trying to lighten the mood. I may be writing from one person’s point of view, but if I don’t know how everybody else in the room is feeling, I wouldn’t be able to write the scene.

I would equate being an author to doing what an actor does to prepare for a role. You have to become the characters, and when you are six different characters at once, it can make you a little schizophrenic at times. However, it’s really necessary for the development of your book. You need to fully immerse yourself and know your characters as if you are them. In this way, you won’t second guess what they do, or how they will react to any given situation. I am convinced that this is what makes the characters believable. 

So, when writing your novel, enjoy playing your roles and being your characters…the end result is a very believable storyline, and readers who will walk away wishing they knew your characters personally.

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Reece Bryant from Ancient Guardians making an appearance today!

It’s not everyday Reece gets to head back to Earth and enjoy some technology! So here she is, stopping in to say, “Hi!” And meet everyone who is enjoying her story and are excited for the next books to come

Hey, there! For those of you who may not have read, Ancient Guardians: Legacy of the Key, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Reece Bryant. I never considered myself to be of any importance; actually, for lack of a better term, I’m “the girl next door.” I’m just like you. I wake up every morning and try my best to deal with whatever challenge I’m faced with.Then, one day, everything as I knew it changed.The events that are chronicled in this novel changed my outlook on life, on humanity, and changed my entire belief structure. There was no course in school that covered any of this, and to say I wasn’t prepared for it would be the understatement of the millennium. Here is a glimpse into my story.

Before I was transported and brought into the dimension of Pemdas (yes, you read that right, another dimension),I was faced with the biggest loss of my life; the death of my father. He was my only family, and the reality of being all alone in the world is something I wish upon nobody. I was so young, but I knew then that I was in a “make you or break you” situation. I decided to let it make me, and so I pursued my dream of becoming a pediatrician. Accomplishing that goal was the most important thing to me, in fact, nothing mattered except for that. Then from out of nowhere, I lost the only control I had, the control over my future.

Unbeknownst to me, I had been under the protection of two Guardians from Pemdas. I suppose I would have never known they existed, nor would I have been brought into Pemdas, had my life not been in imminent danger.It was imperative that they take me into their dimension for my own protection, and I had to make a split-second decision to trust two complete strangers. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I know better than to accept candy from strangers. Not exactly the most desirable situation, when your only options are to get in a car with two men, or be attacked by two other men…I’ll take the car, thank you.

When I was introduced to the Emperor of Pemdas it was made clear to me that my being in Pemdas was not only for my safety, but the safety of Earth and all other dimensions in existence. From the moment I came into Pemdas, Levi – one of my guardians, and also the Emperor’s son – helped to me to become acclimated with my new surroundings, and he explained the details of what my new reality was. With his help, I opened my mind to all that Pemdas is…the magical land, their people, and their sole directive; to protect earth. I must say that my first evening in this enchanted land was nothing short of hypnotic. This dimension is mesmerizing. I would love to describe it to you, but I don’t have enough time to do it justice. Besides, I think the author does a pretty thorough job of it in the book.

As you can imagine, life in Pemdas is quite different from life on Earth. They are not distracted by the technology that we on Earth are so dependent upon.At first it was very difficult for me to adjust, but it didn’t take me long to realize that this way of life was superior in a “quality of life” kind of way. I knew that when I returned to Earth, I would get caught up in the hustle and bustle again, and I wouldn’t have time to enjoy my life. I realized that it’s the simple things that bring the most to our lives.

Being in Pemdas was life changing in every way possible. Not only was my entire world flipped upside down, but my emotions were all over the place. I knew this new world was not my home, but to be honest, I didn’t feel like I had much of a home on Earth, either. I grew to love Pemdas, to love the people there; and what scared me the most was the possibility that I was beginning to fall in love, also. Going back to Earth broken-hearted wasn’t something I was willing to do, and trying to come to grips with all of these things was with no small amount of effort.

In closing, I can say that the journey of my life has changed my heart and soul forever. I see things differently now.Never again will I take for granted what matters most in life, and I know that whatever path I am on, I will go forth with confidence; and I will always know that Pemdas is forever in my heart, whether or not I’m there. After you read this book, I hope you’ll feel the same.

Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited

I love editing!!

Can’t you tell??? Over used words, cutting whole paragraphs and thinking is the entire world going to tear this book apart if we don’t find every mistake once it’s published? I couldn’t be more thankful for editors! Time to press on and be fearless!!!