Fun Fact: Ancient Guardians Book 1

As we are editing Book 2, I thought it would be fun to share my first experiences with writing, editing and publishing Book 1 of the Ancient Guardians series. (Only 3 more books to edit and publish once book 2 is published 😉
Fun Fact: Book 1, The Legacy of the KeyThis is the first time I printed Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key! I was so excited, I couldn’t stop hugging the folder, ha ha! It was officially 175,000 words long (about a 500 page novel) Then, I had my first experience with a professional editor…and the final published edition wound up being only 108,000 words!!! A lot of work went into editing that book as you can tell 😊
This has been such an exciting journey for me, I’ve met so many new authors and bloggers and the readers who have enjoyed the first book have always kept me humble and encouraged to press on through grueling parts of publishing a book!! Thank you everyone! And most of all, thanks for taking time to review the book on Amazon and Goodreads, it’s very helpful for other readers that question whether or not this book would be one they could enjoy!! 🙂



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