Behind the scenes…Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited


Inside the Author’s head.

I will admit that there would not be an Ancient Guardians novel series without the band #Evanescence When I first decided to turn a ‘thought’ into an entire novel series with characters and new worlds…it took the inspiration from this band to open my mind up and create this story and these characters. So with that said, after I finished writing “The Legacy of the Key” I really was certain where I would take the second book. I had my ideas, but nothing was grabbing me enough to be inspired to write. Then two particular songs played on my ipod and “The Uninvited” story line hit me. I sat down, grabbed the closest pen and notepad and wrote the entire synopsis to the second book in the Ancient Guardians novel series. Within a month, the first draft was written. Even though it has taken close to a year later to make progress with our edits, I am thrilled that we are nearing a publishing date. So with that said, I’d like to share the music that inspired where I’d take the next book in the series. Keep in mind, it is not necessarily the ‘subject’ or ‘words’ of the songs that inspire me, it’s always the emotion behind the song. Where oh where are we headed with Book 2: The Uninvited 😉



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