Please help us help Amber! Here is her amazing story of survival

Please help us help Amber! Here is her amazing story of survival


On June 30, 2013, Amber Trimble joined the TCFD family as an Emergency Dispatcher in FireComm. Over the next few months she progressed rapidly through training and was nearing becoming a fully functional solo dispatcher when, on September 29, 2013, her world was turned upside down. After working a shift in FireComm, Amber and some friends took a motorcycle ride up towards Shaver Lake. The motorcycle she was on drifted into oncoming traffic and was struck head on, ejecting both of its passengers and bursting into flames. Amber was airlifted to CRMC in critical condition. The driver of her motorcycle did not survive. Their friends who were riding on another motorcycle were also transported to the hospital with injuries.

Amber suffered many broken bones, on all extremities, as well as her pelvis and ribs. Additionally she suffered internal injuries, including a collapsed lung. She was in the hospital for several weeks and has recently been released. Amber is now home where her healing has begun. Because of the external pins holding her pelvis in place, she is not able to sit up and is therefore bed ridden. It is expected that after 6-8 weeks she will be able to start bearing weight and physical therapy will begin to get her moving again. In addition to being bed ridden, both feet are also in casts. Due to the extent of her injuries, Amber is obviously not able to return to work for quite some time.

Unfortunately, Amber was still a probationary employee when this incident occurred. Thankfully her position is being held until she returns; however, because of her non-permanent status (regular employee), the county will not allow a vacation donation bank to be established for her. Amber is only receiving a portion of her income through California Disability Insurance (SDI). In the short time that Amber has been with FireComm she has proven to be such an asset; not just within FireComm, but also by helping to make the National Fallen Firefighter’s Memorial Golf Tournament a success. She has proven to be a professional, generous, fun-loving, compassionate addition to FireComm and the TCFD family.

Amber’s healing process will be a long one, both physically and emotionally as she lost a very dear friend to her in the accident. There is only so much that we can do to help her with the physical and emotional healing. The one thing we can help with is the financial burden being placed on her by not having her full income and having to pay for her Cobra Insurance (an over $500/mo expense she did not have previously).

We ask that you consider making a monetary donation to help relieve the financial burden Amber is bearing because of this tragic incident. All money will go directly to Amber and will be used to cover her Cobra Insurance as well as any other expenses she needs assistance with. No amount is too small, as any donations will help. 


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