The dark side of publishing


First of all, let it be known that I love to write! I love to hear that readers are excited to read Book 2 The Uninvited in the Ancient Guardians Series! I wrote this book in three weeks! Of course it would require extensive edits because of this, but overall…the Book was great! As we started editing, Book 3 crept up on me, and as a writer, you can’t block a story out…you have to write it! So I did! Then Book 4 hit me, and I had to write it too! I’m doing this while trying to edit Book 2! (not the best idea) This was the first cause of slowing the editing process down!
So, I decided to hire a professional editor, that was a huge mistake! The un-named company is loved by other authors! Me? Not so much! The editor assigned to my book wound up being very informative on punctuation and loved everything else in the book! (RED FLAG) I won’t go into detail, but editors are not supposed love your book!
So now I was facing a content edit alone…something I had hired this company to do!
Missed my first deadline Summer 2013

But I ignored this pressure and pressed on, knowing I would have this book published by Christmas! (missed again)

That all aside….I just realized there are only 4 days left in 2013…I was quite excited yesterday when I found out we were only four chapters away from completing the hardest part of editing this book….
Until I noticed that The Uninvited won’t see a 2013 publishing date!
This is so disheartening for me, but I have to ensure this book is polished and ready to be published! I do this for the readers, the book and for my own name as it’s author!
So, with all of my venting and shock about the newly missed deadline of The Uninvited
I thought if share some pictures of what I go through every time I know I’m about to miss a deadline and my readers will have to wait longer!!

20131227-113107.jpg My determined look, while starting in on editing! I was ready to go!!!

20131227-113209.jpgThis was just after I glanced over at my Calendar and realized how many days were left to publish in 2013!

20131227-113332.jpg Take deep breaths, Stac! We have to make sure this book is ready for publish, it will be okay! It’s fine…I say to myself as I control myself from having a nervous breakdown!

20131227-113626.jpg This is me trying to get a grip on myself and highly frustrated!!!! Ready to walk away!!!
This is me refocusing and saying for the hundredth time, I’m not going to let this book beat me! 2013 or 2014 it WILL be published!
So, that’s how my day started off! The lovely, enchanting life of a writer!


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