Inspirations in designing Reece’s engagement ring


After Levi gives Reece ‘the ring’ (In The Legacy of the Key) I was already doing research on what it looked like and more importantly what the center stone would look like! Of course, it had to be a rare gem of its kind…once I decided on the dark blue ‘aquamarine’ stone (the info below is just a small part of my research on rare gemstones) I had to “mentally” design the setting and all the unique qualities her ring would have! Who would’ve imagined a “Dark blue aquamarine stone?” My editor even questioned it…so now we know its rarity and I chose to share this because I know that Levi would never brag about the priceless ring she wears on the ring finger of her left hand…all he will say is that only that it was an heirloom given to him! What a gentleman!!! #TheUninvited #InsideTheAuthorsMind



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