I would have never thought this could relate to my book series….


Alright, time to reveal one of my favorite places to visit, Disneyland. Without boring everyone with all of my adventures visiting the theme park, I will just say that after you pass all the chaos and crowds to get into the gates; you walk under the archway and officially enter the park!
I always experience a shiver of excitement as I glance up at this particular sign posted as you enter this un-realistic land that Walt Disney created for all of us to escape the real world in.
For me personally; every thought, worry and stress melts away as we enter the enchanting theme park! (While my husband has already started calculating how much money we’ve already spent 😉 and will do so until we exit the park.)
Anyway, it’s interesting that I should come across this particular quote today. It made me think, not only about how in some strange way it relates to the fantasy of my novel series; Ancient Guardians…but, also, all the other fantasy and fairytail novels out there!
Fantasy is meant to be unrealistic, to help you escape, when and if you need an escape from the harsh reality in real life! To also help experience things that sometimes our imaginations aren’t capable of creating on our own! And most of all, to play in new worlds and enjoy the thrilling adventure while you’re apart of it while reading.
It’s how I see fantasy novels anyway, but then again…that’s just me. We are all different and see things differently! I like to dance in the rain, while my husband hides under the porch to stay dry and just laughs at me!
Just a random post I thought I’d share! Have an adventurous day! 🌞
SL Morgan 


                  .  Disneyland 2011



3 thoughts on “I would have never thought this could relate to my book series….

  1. Looking forward to reading your novel. Hopefully it will be sometime next week. I don’t write fantasy but have a lot of respect for those writers who do.

      • I’m a romantic at heart. I’m sure it will intrigue me. The False Reality Of Martin is a crime fiction. The next novel I’m writing entitled: Ladies Prism is a romance novel. The 3rd novel I’m writing will be a mystery novel and I’m still working out the title.

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