Sharing a little ‘hidden treasure’ in Ancient Guardians: Book 3


I like to have little ‘tokens’ that represent something special in each of my books. However, this particular item does not exist anywhere! I looked for months to find a carved arrow that could represent a piece that is extremely important to one of my characters! It’s a small part in the book, but it reveals a unique part of this character that for the first time gets to jump up into a main character in the third book!
So with that said, I searched for months for a carved wooden arrow to represent this piece. I only found arrowheads…then I remembered our cousin who is a master at carving wood! He’s even carved and made Osage stickbows. After remembering this, I asked him to do a replica of what would be in my third book of The Ancient Guardians series! Without fail, he accepted the task and I am speechless with the final product!

Thank you, Scott ‘Davey’ Jones for this amazing masterpiece only you could create! This guy should be making millions with his talent of carving!!!!



Above picture is the Osage stickbow he carved for my kids!



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