As an author, do you find yourself in love with the Hero of your book?

Here’s a fun post….so, let’s play 🙂


This was a question that was asked in one of my author groups, and one that I have sometimes wondered about other authors as well.
Well, as it turns out, most authors are quite taken with their heros and hey…if that is what helps them write a captivating book for all of us to read and help us readers attach to their hero in that way also…I say, there’s nothing wrong with that!
My personal answer to this question?
Of course, I was one of the few who didn’t see my Hero, “Levi” that way. Don’t get me wrong, I love the handsome prince of Pemdas; however, I view my characters much differently! My response to this question was this:
If I were to fall in love with my hero, my heroine would slap me (actually Reece wouldnt slap me, she’d get it…but wouldnt appreciate it) But, my minor character, Harrison, would laugh at me and never let me, as his author, live it down! EVER!
I guess it’s the way that I, as their author, view and write the characters in the Ancient Guardians series. I often refer to them as ‘the kids’ and mainly, my fictional family… And I am the fortunate one that gets to tell their story.
It’s how I write…
The only way I can explain it is: I write in these character’s POV’s as an actor would play a part! I see how the characters act and even feel their emotions…it’s almost like being possessed by them! Sometimes, I’ll write a chapter, step back and think…”Really? Well that’s not how I would have handled that one!” It’s always thrilling to write their story, I never know where these characters are going to take me or the reader…and now with my third book in editing, my minor character finally gets what ‘he feels he deserves’…main character status! I will tell you, writing in Harrison’s POV is exciting, hilarious and adventurous all in one!
I can’t wait to have Book 3 published, it’s definitely an adventure and we get to know other new characters more personally! What a fun ride it will be!



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