Why I love to write in the Ancient Guardians series.

Or should I say why I love to write, period!


The picture says it all! Personally, when I write, I’m drawn into the scenes in the book and then the computer screen simply fades away. Now, I’m living in the enchanting dimension of Pemdas! I’m with the characters, trying to document their story! Writing is an escape for me, just like reading is!
The hard part…
is being ripped out of this fascinating world in order to edit and polish the book, so I can share it with the wonderful world of readers! This is when I get to read through the book, over and over and over and over again! Find mistakes, rearrange sentences, get rid of overused words etc.
Then the editor takes over and the manuscript comes back… 😩
And I start thinking is it really worth it? Do I really want to do all of this work, just so I can publish a book that will probably never pay the bills? (If you are an author you know exactly what I am talking about.) Editing is my worst enemy, it kills my creative side, it exhausts me; but, I will press on and endure through the grueling process!
Because I have to share this fascinating story with the readers out there that I know will appreciate the escape just as much as I do! I complain about editing, I probably always will…but when I step back and read the final polished book, I stand amazed and more excited than ever to publish. (God Bless Editors)
There are other authors out there that won’t agree that writing is their escape, they certainly won’t agree with how I write…but we are all different, our words are different, and that’s why readers have so many wonderful books out there to choose from!
Just a little fun fact from SL Morgan!
Here’s to all authors and editors and the readers who read our work!
(whether they like it or not) 🙂



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