Give me the words and I will write you a story….


My daughter had a homework assignment she deemed impossible! It was ‘write a story with all 25 spelling words!’
Knowing that her Mom writes and has two published books, she decided to ask for help. After I began the process of teaching her that nothing is impossible as long as you try. I start in on the story. Just as I do, when I write anything, I get fully absorbed into the story with her spelling words such as: sky, I’d, above, between… (You get the point) I look up and see my daughter has abandoned me to do her homework! (I noticed this sneaky photo she took of me as well)
Nice try!
So, in order to teach my daughter that nothing is impossible and she could write a story too, I turned it into a competion…We’ll each write our own story and see which one is better!
She took the challenge:
We titled the story: “A day at the park!”
I knew I had the little monkey…this is what I do after all! NOPE, big brothers voted and little sister wins! And I quote:
She put birds in the sky mom, you just have fluffy clouds in your sky. (Sky is one of the spelling words).
I tried to redeem myself by saying, I can put birds in the sky and they will fly in lazy circles as the sun’s rays peek through the white, billowy clouds…
They all look at me like I’m crazy and respond, “Well, you should have thought of that while you were writing your story. My response: It was a first draft! 😇
Didn’t work, didn’t help.. SL Morgan author loses a writing contest to her eight year old daughter!
And so it shall be, it won’t be the first contest I lose, but at least a lesson was learned today and my daughter achieved what she believed was impossible! So, as a “Mom” I win! We all win! I love my little monkeys!


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