I love this! Everyone needs inspiration!


As authors we pour our hearts and souls into our writing. We edit and edit and edit and revise and rewrite and edit and edit! (A lot of ‘ands’ in there) but it is true. Our work MUST be polished and ready when it is time to publish. It is hard work for me, but I endure.
As writers, we our passionate about our work and hope that when we finally have our manuscripts ready for publish, that they will be received well by the wonderful world of readers. In most cases they are, but the truth is… Not everyone will enjoy your story! Some will gladly point out why they despised it, while others will happily and generously write why they loved or enjoyed it. It really is the beautiful thing about being a published author…some of the bad reviews will hurt, but you absolutely can’t focus on those. (Maybe use their critique to help you improve)
So long as we understand that everyone is different and have different opinions (thank goodness) we’ll easily accept those reviews that hurt. We won’t let them discourage us! We’ll focus on the reviews that made at least one reader fall in love with our story! That’s what it’s all about! Finding that one person that needed to read a book like yours!
I write this short blog, because I have been privately asked by other writers who are quite intimidated to publish their work, due to harsh criticism they see other authors receive.
I always answer with, not everyone will appreciate or enjoy your story. But, the point to writing is that someone out there needs your story. Your escape and your imagination!
I love this quote by Tom Hiddleston (well known as Loki in the Avengers). It keeps everything in perspective for anyone putting their work out for criticism.
So I say to Tom’s inspirational quote, “Shall we Dance, Tom? I prefer to dance in the rain!”
Author of the Ancient Guardians Novel Series



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