Your art is a gift!

Okay, so I’m a little late getting around to finally watching the first episode of the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
I’m not sure who has or hasn’t watched the episode, but Will Smith is his first guest.
When Jimmy asked Will how he manages life in show biz. Will’s response was that he manages well, but, with his kids coming into it…it’s a whole different story. When he told Jimmy the advice he gives his children. I paused the DVR right there, I had to write this down. I think this advice is useful for everyone and I had to share it!
Will Smith’s advice to his kids:
“Keep Loving People. Make sure with your art that it is a gift to people, to help their lives be better-to be brighter! People who are in it for their own ego’s and doing it for themselves are the ones who fail!”


I couldn’t agree more, because it’s the only reason I had the courage to share my novel series with the entire reading world. I enjoyed writing it, it was an exciting story for me, and I published it in hopes that it offer the same excitement for others who read it as well. ***At the time, I never thought the characters would hold me hostage and write five books about their adventures! ;-)***
Happy Reading! Happy Writing! Just be HAPPY!!!!

SL Morgan

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