The Ancient Guardians Series is getting some fantastic updates!!!


While editing Book 3, we’ve had some extra work going on behind the scenes with Books 1&2 in the Ancient Guardians Series! Throughout these books being published, I’ve noticed errors in them…this drives me insane given the amount of work we have done to ensure these books are polished for the readers! Nothing is more annoying than being ripped out of a book due to an error! I have had another test reader go through and find practically every distracting error in both books! I can’t thank her enough, since the editor and I have gone both books over a hundred times (I’m exaggerating, but it feels that way). So, with that said both books are set to be reformatted on May 2 and reuploaded to Nook & Kindle! Softcovers will be updated within the week. If you have already purchased the ebooks, I know Amazon Kindle has a special way of updating your kindle (I’ll help with this once the books are reformatted and uploaded!) Also, The Uninvited has its new cover! So if you like the BLACK edition, nows the time to get that before it is replaced by the new cover replacing it! I can’t wait to reveal the new cover that will match The Legacy’s colorful cover!!! It’s an exciting time for The Ancient Guardians Series and I can’t thank all of the readers support…you keep me motivated and excited to be the author of this series! Your kind words and wonderful reviews help inspire to continue on and improve the Ancient Guardians Series!
Have a great day,
SL Morgan


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