It’s never a good thing to find errors in your book after publishing!


Photo credit: Above photo all rights of the actors in The Hangover 2 and the picture unedited belong to The Hangover movie series!

The photo above is a perfect example of how I look after nearly killing myself (along with my editor killing herself) while polishing and preparing a book for publishing!
By this time, we have already gone through the manuscript a million times, content editing, line editing…etc! Then we send off to test readers to find any missed errors!
(Disclaimer: We are all human)
None is at fault here for missing an error. And, yes, our test readers did find obvious errors!
So, now we run final test read to ensure that the book is ready to go….
Then it’s time to pay to have the books professionally formatted for all reading devices! Once that is done and finalized, it’s time to publish the book and hope it’s well received by the world of readers. (My anxiety is at it’s maximum at this point…) So I publish, but can’t walk away….I read again! How I am able to do this is unexplainable, but I guess it shows how dedicated I am to my characters and books as the author)
Once I start reading the published versions….
This is when, what I like to call ‘easter egg’ errors pop up right before my paranoid eyes! This is how my luck runs….I see them (only after the book has been published) My reaction?? Everyone I tell that helped to test read for errors reactions? (See the above photo! :-)) I despise these errors, because even though they may be read-over errors, they are still errors and have the potential to rip a reader right out of the book. They also have the potential to show that I didn’t spend ‘quite a bit of money’ to have a professional editor edit the book! I work too hard for these little gremlins to show up in my books!
Fortunately my husband introduced the books to a friend of his, who has an incredible talent for finding these errors and she was more than willing to help me remove them! (She’ll be on the editing crew for the rest of the books and I couldn’t be more grateful)
So, with that said, errors are fixed and both Ancient Guardians: Books 1&2 are currently being reformatted TODAY!
I know we are all human, and even the greatest of authors have errors in their books, but I try my best to publish books that the readers can enjoy without a ‘the the’ error showing up somewhere while they’re reading.
Sure there will be readers that will not enjoy the novels, error free or not. Of course I, just as any author, prepare myself for those reviews…but the errors have to go!!!
So enough of that, not only are the books being reformatted and republished but the NEW COVER for Book 2 “The Uninvited” is ready for publishing as well!!!


Here’s the new cover….
It was designed to match the colorful cover for book 1, The Legacy of the Key! I love it!!!


Book 2 “The Uninvited” New eBook cover…below!


Me right now???? EXCITED AND HAPPY


Have a great day! SL Morgan


2 thoughts on “It’s never a good thing to find errors in your book after publishing!

  1. Agreed, we all hate errors. But… but. Content reads differently in print than it does electronically. Not because the words are any different, but you are looking at it differently. A decent example of that is falling in love with a painting when the lighting is perfect; now open the blinds and look at it in the harsh sunlight, flaws pop up. It’s almost an expected occurrence. A good way to avoid this, and something we insist on with our authors, is that they read and approve a print proof of the book before it publishes to the public. Not a galley copy, but the actual book itself the way the reader will see it. All sorts of gremlins rear their ugly little heads when you do it this way. I can read something over 18 – 20 times, and never see that I’ve used ‘there’ instead of ‘their’, but the first time I see it in print, my brain clicks and ‘there’ it is. Basically, we’re conditioned to see what we expect to see in the medium we create it in. Take it out of that medium, and all of a sudden things appear different. And even after a proof is approved, still expect to find a dropped ‘a’ or ‘the’ somewhere from time to time. Like you said in your post, we are only human, and our brains fill in what our eyes lack to see.

    All of that aside, the books are beautiful! If you’re like in a little free promo, I run a blog called ‘Spreading the Writer’s Word’ ninadarc (dot) wordpress (dot) com, if you’re interested, hunt me down and I’d be happy to feature them for you.

    Nina 🙂

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