Updates are available for Ancient Guardians Books 1&2 on Kindle


Here’s the beautiful new cover for Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2) and Amazon kindle has finally updated both ebooks for the readers!
After finding enough errors to warrant me having Book 1 and Book 2 reformatted professionally, I can happily say that if you have downloaded these books into your device, kindle has a wonderful feature to help you add these updates to your books!
Just go to amazon.com, click on my account, a menu will drop down and you will see an option to manage my kindle. click into this and you will see all of the books you have in your kindle library! It will give you an option to update or if there is a book you have that has an update available! I, personally have my kindle set to automatically update any ebooks that have available updates 🙂 So, with this feature available, you can update to the newest versions of any and all of your ebooks!
The Legacy of the Key has been recently reformatted and the new version should be ready for you to update
The Uninvited has the same updates, as well as the new colorful version! I will be looking into nook to see if there are also options to do updates there as well!
If there are other authors out there that have more information in regard to these features, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!
All the best!
SL Morgan


I love the new ‘colorful’ versions, the pictures just don’t do them justice!


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