Happy Mother’s Day…as it backfires on me ;-)


Mothers Day is turning out to be everything I didn’t think it would be! Jaci decides to join me on a shopping trip to the grocery store…

Dad gives her free choice of anything in the store for her to pick out for Mom on mother’s day! Well, when you walk my daughter through a million beautiful displays of flowers…she’s going to pick those!

I managed to convince her, that it’s a waste of money, they will die and Dad already bought me a beautiful ring! My idea: I’ll take a picture with the display and it will last longer and we’ll consider them to be ALL MINE! IT WORKED!

Blurry, but they were all mine

Then we came across a particular type of flower and she just had to say: “Mom, they’re colorful flowers like the ones in your book! We HAVE to get them!”


Great! She just had to compare them to the unique flowers in Pemdas! So, Jaci wins….


She was so happy I gave in, she buckled them up! I had to snap a picture!

So, here I am with my beautiful flowers from the weeds of Pasidian Palace’s gardens and Jaci!!!



My oldest son appreciating the fact that Jaci pulled one over on Mom!!! Gotta love my fun little family!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there! We do deserve the best! And Happy Mother’s day to my Mom, without her I would definitely would have never had the courage to play with my creativity and one day write a book series!


Me and my beautiful Mom! Wish I could spend Mother’s day with her…sending love all the way from Texas to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California! Love ya, Mom!


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