New updates! Ancient Guardians Book 3 and more…

New updates! Ancient Guardians Book 3 and more….

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New updates! Ancient Guardians Book 3 and more…

First of all, to my surprise…my fictional character, Harrison, just became “nonfiction!” As if he doesn’t give me enough trouble documenting his, Reece and Levi’s story…he goes and blows his cover! Now he’s on Facebook and when he’s on Earth, there is no telling what other social media sites he’ll randomly show up on! He better not give any secrets away!!! 👿

Harrison's new FB account

And now for a little sneak peek into my favorite book in the Ancient Guardians Series! Book III 🙂


Will the Guardian warriors risk everything they are known for to recover what is theirs? Book III brings us more thrills, adventures as we follow the Pemdai warriors as they journey into the unknown….You will not want to miss this third installment of the series, as Levi and Reece’s love grows stronger and Harrison steps up into a main character roll with them!
Still under edits and revisions, and hoping for a late 2014 release!
I promise to keep everyone who is excited for Book 3 in the Ancient Guardians series updated on release dates!

Happy Saturday!!!!
SL Morgan!

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Summer Reading: Ancient Guardians Series

Ancient Guardians Novel Series

😎 Summer is almost here and the wonderful world of readers are already suggesting wonderful books to read! They have their favorites and I have mine. (I am not biased AT ALL 😉
First up and FREE on the sites below! (Free in Ebooks only, paperback for both novels are also available and on sale)

Book I Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key

Amazon Kindle: Free
Barnes & Noble Nook: Free
Apple iTunes store: Free
Smashwords: Free

2nd Book in the series:

Book II Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited

Amazon Kindle: $2.99
Barnes & Noble Nook: $2.99
Apple iTunes store: $2.99
Smashwords: $2.99
KOBO: $2.99

Happy Reading…I get to edit/proof/revise/polish Ancient Guardians:
Book III 🙂


SL Morgan!!!


Fun in the Sun….Don’t forget your sunscreen!!!! 😉