Congrats to Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key for it’s nominations in two categories for Readers Favorite!

After a long, grueling move from Houston, TX to California and a anniversary spent in Yosemite National park, I was amazed to see that Book 1 in the Ancient Guardians series had been nominated for two awards with Reader’s Favorite!


Reading that this was a pretty tough process and there were many books that were great that unfortunately weren’t selected, I was more than amazed to find that Ancient Guardians made it! I, at first, want to give credit to the other books and authors who have worked hard and have great books that unfortunately didn’t make it this far, believe me, I never expected The Legacy to accomplish this either.
Secondly, I am sincerely grateful for this nomination and still struggle to admit this happened…but, it was not competitions or recognition that gave me the courage that writer’s require to publish a book or book series, it was for my reading audience that would enjoy the unique escape the series offers them. To receive reviews, hear from readers that needed the escape into this enchanting dimension that brought them back into a different time period where Chivalry existed, is the reason I shared this book series! I was burdened to share this story, the characters and this captivating with everyone. Why? Because, I, as a reader, needed and enjoyed the escape as well! It’s why I write, it’s why I spend money for a professional editor and it’s why I have the courage to publish! If this book amazingly wins in it’s categories, I will say right now, it’s for my readers! I did it for them! They are why I write and share my crazy and vivid imagination with the world!
So with that said, let’s see how the Legacy of the Key does…and if this book can win!!!!


How I feel as an author? I think this picture below describes it best.


Never give up, never quit! You never know where your path is leading you!
SL Morgan


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