Ancient Guardians: Book 3 Video sneak peek! Watch “Jessica Simpson – I Wanna Love You Forever Lyrics” on YouTube

More than once I have mentioned that music inspires every part of my writing. As I listen to various songs on my iPod, a song will catch me and I have an entire book ready to be written. Then there are songs when I struggle to write particular scenes and or chapters a song will help to motivate it. It’s as if the song awakens the emotions I need in order to write with the passion a writer must have to write!
I will not lie, my favorite scenes to write are the fighting scenes and most of all, the love scenes. I believe I enjoy them so much because they are the biggest challenges!
SPOILER ALERT (For readers who haven’t read or finished Books 1&2 in the series)
For example, the song I’m about to share is an excellent example of that. In my third book, Levi and Reece FINALLY get their ‘Happily Ever After’ and it’s not at the end of the book series…how exciting is that?


Anyway, being married for 18 years, I must find those feelings of First Love and much anticipated wedding vows! Fortunately, as I struggled to get into character this song by Jessica Simpson rolled into the iPod lineup! (I have every song from every musician that you could imagine…thank goodness). I hadn’t heard or listened to this song for at least 19 years, when Jessica’s very first single was released. As the song played, my mind kicked right into gear and I was able to feel, know and understand EXACTLY how Reece felt about standing up, preparing to say her vows to Levi! This video could almost be a dead giveaway for what readers will read in Book 3, Wedding Celebration!
As for the song for their wedding night of strong, devoted and painfully anticipated night of love…well, I can’t give that one away! All I’ll say is when I finished writing, I literally said…”Is it hot in here or is it just me?” Ha! So with all of this said, here’s a beautiful video into the mind of SL Morgan as she prepared the character’s for wedding day! Enjoy!

Jessica Simpson – I Wanna Love You Forever Lyrics:



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