Before He was Superman…..


Most authors, as well as readers, have visual images of who they see as their characters…and I did the same thing.
As I wrote, “Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key” I had an image of my main hero character. At the time, he wasn’t known throughout the world, until Man of Steel hit the silver screen! As I wrote my manuscript, this man… Henry Cavill was the only person I could relate to Levi…not only by certain looks he had, but his personality nearly fit Levi Oxley’s perfectly. A perfect gentleman, chivalry and most of all loyalty! Now, don’t get me wrong…before you hit Google of images of him, I have to say, there are only certain pictures of him that resemble Levi.
Anyway as I worked hard on writing, editing and preparing my book to be published, I was informed that there was a fangirl following and rooting for him to be the lead character in the best selling book series 50 Shades of Grey. (Have not read it, but from what I learned…definitely NOT Levi. Then another following for him to play in another erotica book series if it became a movie. With all this said, I had to let go of this image of Henry as Levi. There was no way I would associate him with the book as there were other well known book readers obsessed with him as their lead man! Perfectly fine!
And then came…Man of Steel! Mr. Cavill was now known around the world as Superman. Following this actor before this incredible breakthrough for him, made me so happy that he finally did it! He not only was known around the world, but he landed one of his dream roles…Superman! Way to go, Henry!
So, by chance and with great surprise, I came across another actor that really hasn’t had “the breakthrough” yet. Amazingly, he fits my image of Levi Oxley perfectly!
Well now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag…I’ll give some images of what I saw as Levi through Henry Cavill! Enjoy.




Make sure you keep up, Man of Steel 2, Batman vs Superman comes out soon!


2 thoughts on “Before He was Superman…..

  1. Good night woman! You almost stopped my heart when this page loaded! I adore Henry and he is the inspiration for my newest novel, “The Blue Diamond.” I’ve loved this guy since the Tudors and the fact that I’ve been a Superman nerd since I was a little girl, he is my ultimate male actor, muse, inspiration…you name it.
    Thank you for sharing the Cavill love!

    • No problem!!!! It is quite enjoyable to write and go into character and our writing worlds with this man gazing into your eyes, lol. I do wish him all the best…he’s definitely an excellent contender for book boyfriends 😉 Have a great day!!!!

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