Things just got REAL!!!!


As I previously mentioned in a recent post, The Legacy if the Key is a finalist in two categories for the Reader’s Favorite award contest.


Category #1: Fiction Supernatural.


Category #2: Fiction Fantasy

I am now honored to be a part of the Facebook group that includes only the finalists in all categories! Watching the author who created this amazing group post the finalists in all categories is making all of this much more humbling for me. Being a finalist in this amazing contest is also an exclusive invitation to all finalist whether they receive Gold, silver, bronze, or honorable mention awards. Funny thing is, I feel as though I’ve already achieved something I would have never anticipated with this book and/or series. The Legacy of the Key has brought me to an entire different level of considering myself as a published authur by achieving this.
As I have said and will always say, I wrote this book series, because it was a series that I wanted to read! I enjoyed it so much that I felt obligated to share it with the wonderful world of readers! I still sit amazed at the feedback the series is receiving, which is that much more motivating to press on through grueling edits and best of all, contuing the story of Levi, Reece, Harrison and the Guardians.
So with all of this said, I may be taking a trip to Miami, Fl. to walk on stage as a winner or recognition as a finalist, which means I need a good expression for everyone… Robert Downey Jr is who I decided to turn to for inspiration! Time to practice in the mirror.


What do you think? I have to have some fun for a once in a lifetime opportunity..
Maybe I’ll just wear my new crazy hat…


Again, way to go Legacy of the Key!





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