Ancient Guardians NOW an award winning book!!!


A HUGE thank you to all who have stood behind the scenes and watched as I took on the adventure of writing a novel. Thank you to my test readers, editors and those who sacrificed time with me in order to brave the Wonderful World of Readers in order to publish the first novel in the Ancient Guardians Novel Series.
This journey has definitely been an unforgettable one as I witness the second Book in the series continue to captivate readers! As I press on through editing in book 3, I sit humbled by where this book series is taking me. I have developed a reading fan base that enjoy the characters and their story as much as I do! WOW!
Right now, I am invited to stand alongside of Best Selling authors in Miami and receive The Legacy of the Key’s Silver Medal! I am beyond speechless!
THIS was a dream and adventure I ALMOST gave up on, after receiving the first Draft back from a professional editor!  I’m so thankful I didn’t give up! Funny as it may seem, I listened to the characters that wanted their story so desperately told and I pressed on for them….for my readers!!!!
So, no matter how high the mountain, forget what your mind tells you when it encourages you to give up! Most of all, ignore everyone who tells you…“it can’t be done! You can’t do this!” (While laughing at you and your dream you decided to share with them) I chose not to listen and here we are…..





Look! I have a MAJOR award now 🙂


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