Please read: Raising money for Steph to knock out cancer!

I will admit that when Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key was a finalist in the Reader’s Favorite award contest, I was speechless! Then, it received the silver award in the Fiction: Supernatural category. (This was just after I was informed the first book in the Ancient Guardians series won GOLD in the global e-book award contest.) I jumped around, did my happy dance and then after celebrating my selfish accomplishments, I was grounded with the realization that, ‘I’ had nothing to do with the book winning awards. If I ever had an opportunity to stand on a stage, with a platform to the world, I would thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for being by my side and holding my hand every step of the way, to get such a book to publish. God gave me this talent and helped me persevere through grueling edits (he still does, ie: Book 3) in order to have the courage to face readers around the world and publish this series.
Background check over…
With the success of becoming an award finalist, I’ve had the honor and privilege to be apart of the 2014 reader’s favorite private FB page. With this opportunity, I have learned from other authors and more importantly, connected with them.
Due to this, I was recently invited to drop my books prices to .99 cents each and use the proceeds of the sales to donate to an amazing fund.


Read more about her fight to knock out cancer here:  Go Fund me.

Authors from around the US have banded together to reduce their e-books for a period of time in order to donate ALL of their proceeds to help fund her needs.

Without question, knowing the morals and values I was raised with growing up in a Christian home and, even though my book series is fantasy, sci-fi, romance…when you reach the captivating dimension in the first book, you will see where I bring back the earlier times, where chivalry existed, charity was a huge burden for even the “Empress” of this land. And therefore, it was without any reservation, that I as the author wouldn’t question being apart if this exclusive fund raising event.
With all of this said, Ancient Guardians: The Legacy if the Key is FREE on a e-reading sites. I have, for this cause only, have reduced, Book 2, “Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited” to .99 cents. I do hope you will consider purchasing this book. (All proceeds go to Steph to knock out cancer!)
I have already donated money to this cause, and it’s my hope that we can exceed that &100.00 by purchasing Book 2!

Right now, Amazon is the only e-book site that has lowered the second book’s price to .99 cents. Please stay tuned for other sited meeting this price as I will share them.


We can ALL help steph fight this together!!!!!!

Stay tuned, there is more coming. More authors gave joined in this cause and there will also be books (I will be donating 2 autographed copies along with custom book marks with metal ribbon charms to match the theme of each book as well)

I will post more later as I want everyone to be able to support in anyway they can. If my book series is not for you, there most likely is another author who is participating in thus cause that may suit you. The author list is still growing.

God Bless.
S.L. Morgan
Award winning Author of the new Ancient Guardians series.



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