Ancient Guardians: Award winning Book


Currently, Ancient Guardians: The Legacy if the Key has won Gold in the Global e-book awards for Fiction: fantasy/other worlds and a Silver Medal in the Reader’s Favorite Book awards for Fiction: Supernatural.

I am so excited for The Legacy of the Key and now, The Uninvited; Book 2 in the Ancient Guardians series is following close behind it!

After receiving a 5-Star review seal from Reader’s Favorite reviews, Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited is now competing with other amazing authors in the Global e-book awards and The Reader’s Favorite International book award contests!

Wow, what a journey these two books are taking me on! And it’s just getting started, Book 3 is still in edits, Book 4 patiently awaits it’s editing process and Book 5 is begging me to write it!

The life and live of being a writer!



2 thoughts on “Ancient Guardians: Award winning Book

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for making this world for readers like me to drlve into. Also thank you for making a fantasy romance more about story and love struggles then purely sex driven. I find books like yours with the enticement and teasing much more enjoable then reading an entire chapter of boring sex. I like others are excitedly and semi patiently awaiting book 3.

    On a sepeeate note about book 2 there os only 1 thing i didnt like about the book and that was the weeks that Reece was exibiting odd and angry behavior with constant headaches and yet the elite pemdasians who have unlocked every part of their brain were acting like fumb illohical humans tring to figure out what was wrong with her. They said a few times that simone was possibly behind it and yet let her live and breathe next to them in their palace … Was very strange and just illogical behavior for such superior beings to make. I understood the unknown was needed for emphasis with the mind controler but i think it could have been written differently to not make out that all the pemdasians to be stupid for a month or so. And jasmeen not telling or offering up information to levi or harrison seemed wrong. I was waiting for levi to reach over and read the book but no one read the book. So realy writing down in that book actually served no purpose until after she was captured. When jasmeen saw how odd her behavior was and them asked by levi if there was anything unusual reece was doing that is where jasmeen should have mentioned the book. It would have been a bit more logical from then on.

    Other then that the rest was pretty damn awesome.

    • Thank you so much, Jason!!! I’m thrilled you have enjoyed the series so far. I’m so grateful and appreciate your input about the conflicts in The Uninvited! You’re not the first to become frustrated about the issues regarding Reece and those around her unable to figure it all out. (Believe me, I, as the author, was just as annoyed) Writing this book had it’s fun parts and also difficult parts. While editing, the editor and I took everything you and others have mentioned into heavy consideration. With this said, I believe I will do a **spoiler** blog on the issues readers are having with the characters in Book 2. In the blog post I will ‘uncover’ why The Pemdai, Levi and others were unable to figure out what was ‘really’ happening with Reece in The Uninvited. Hopefully it will help!!! Again, thank you for reading and you are very welcome for keeping it a clean read! I agree with you in every way about it not being purely sex driven! As for creating Pemdas….I am humbled by your words and also excited that you’ve joined all of us in the fascinating dimension! There’s always room at the palace for all of us 😉
      Have a wonderful day!!!

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