SPOILER ALERT for Ancient Guardians Book 2. Q&A with S.L. Morgan


This will be a fun post for me and I hope that it helps address the concerns that certain readers have with the second book in the Ancient Guardians series. This post will definitely be a SPOILER for the entire book and I still need to be careful as to NOT ruin anything in the third book that is still under edits. So with that said, let’s get real about what is going on in “The Uninvited.

Concern #1 Why would anyone trust Simone around Reece after what Simone had already done to her?

This is a brilliant question and one I’d hope the first book would have answered. However, sometimes that is not the case and we are all left wondering, WHY IS SIMONE BACK AT THE PALACE? (As well as questioning other characters for allowing Simone to be around her!)

First of all, Simone was forgiven by the Emperor and Empress in the first book after Simone so innocently confessed to her wrong doings of contacting the Ciatron. Even though, Simone was forgiven, it definitely came at a price for her. This, of course, is why she left the Palace and hoped to leave the Dimension of Pemdas indefinitely. Simone’s true wishes didn’t come without another price. But, this price she was more than willing to pay. It was her job to convince Reece to leave the protected dimension of Pemdas. Enter the Priestess….(The one, that if I could have taken her out with my own bare hands, I would have. Thankfully, Levi did.) The entire plot/plan for The Priestess was to mentally torture and persuade Reece to harbor feelings of hatred toward Levi, the Emperor’s family and Pemdas. Obviously, with no one able to read into Reece’s mind, I was quite shocked to discover this particular being could. (More about that in Book 3) Moving along, the main objective for the priestess was to persuade Reece to leave. To encourage Levi not to have feelings for Reece, (therefore he would not be heavily concerned with Reece around Simone and would NOT care whether Reece stayed or left. The Priestess failed to achieve this. Even as irrational as Reece was being with him and all of those around her, Levi still remained heavily in love with her.) We’ve all heard the term…YOU ONLY HAD ONE JOB! Well, that’s exactly what Simone was thinking while it seemed to be taking forever to tear apart Levi and Reece and destroy their relationship. Simone wanted to be in and out of Pemdas with Reece and be done with Reece for good. The Priestess on the other hand, in her own twisted mind, rather enjoyed tormenting Reece and also watching Levi suffer along with her. She could have moved faster with her mind manipulating powers, but chose not to. (Smart move, the Pemdai would have caught on easily when they brought the individual into Pemdas and the next thing they know, Reece hates Levi!) Reece is a smart little cookie as well. The Priestess had to take a lot into consideration in how she would slowly persuade Reece to leave. Any quick ‘movements’ and the Pemdai would have caught on to her. So with this said, this is why everyone at the palace, including Reece, could not figure out what was happening to her. If only the Pemdai and Galleta could have read Reece’s mind!!!

Why would Levi just leave Reece alone with Simone? Why didn’t he just take Reece’s journal and figure all of this out? 

Again, another great question. I felt the same way as I wrote Levi’s reactions to everything that was taking place with Reece. Knowing Levi very well as I wrote the conflicts between him and Reece, I’d hoped the reader’s would see/understand why he responded or didn’t respond the way we all would have liked him to at the time of Reece’s suffering.

First of all, Levi was not at the palace when Reece stopped eating and took a turn for the worse. When he does show up, he’s introduced to a completely different woman, not the one he fell in love with. This new Reece hates him to say the least. At the end of Book 1, you may recall Levi being concerned with Reece being forced to live in Pemdas for her protection. In the Legacy of the Key, Levi does question if Reece was okay with what his father had told her. Reece of course was and still was, until the Priestess showed up and manipulated her mind about all of that. But, that was Levi’s main concern. He didn’t want Reece to feel forced to live in his world and when her hatred of him and her constantly distancing herself from him took place, instead of wondering if someone or something was making her have these thoughts, he instead started to blame himself and could understand why Reece would hate him and his world. Levi has and will always have difficulty watching the woman he loves not have free will to live where ever she wants due to her being The Key. So in The Uninvited, all it took was Reece feeling this way toward him to bring this insecurities to the forefront of Levi’s mind. It was obvious he was heartbroken at the thought of the only woman he could ever love hating him, but being the man he was, he would never fault her for it.

Why Levi did not demand Reece stay away from Simone? Very simple. At the time Levi encountered Simone for the first time, he is extremely unhappy the woman had returned to the palace. It makes this perfectly clear in his first interaction with Simone, while he abruptly announces he will be taking Reece away with him. Possessiveness is NOT in Levi’s nature. While most boyfriends or men can be very possessive with their women, Levi is not. He was raised with high standards on how to treat women, (Way to go, Lady Allestaine) and to FORCE Reece a way from Simone or tell Reece she cannot befriend Simone, in Levi’s opinion and mine, would border on abuse. Levi would never be controlling in any way with Reece, due to this, he accepts Reece’s word on forgiving her; however, he also makes it perfectly clear to Reece that he does not trust Simone or her motives and he is extremely confused as to why Reece would forgive her. Harrison feels the same way as well. It is quite the mystery as to why Simone and Reece would become friends, but Levi would never control her and tell her who she can and can’t be friends with. I think this could be one of the most frustrating parts in the book, we’re all waiting for Levi to blame everything on Simone, yet Simone has done nothing to be blamed for. The snake shows herself extremely apologetic about her actions and wanting nothing but forgiveness and to be back in the good graces of everyone. Levi also makes it perfectly clear to Simone that he does not trust her motives and that one small slip up, he would basically have the Psychotic woman thrown from the palace. He is NOT happy Simone is there and tried everything in his power to keep Reece from her without being a forceful, abusive boyfriend.

If the Pemdai (Even Levi) were so smart, why wouldn’t they have seen this coming? Why didn’t they do something about Reece when the headaches began?

I know, right? Fortunately for the Priestess, the Oxley family does not operate in this manner. Reece was given free will at the palace and in Pemdas. The Priestess does an excellent job of manipulating Reece’s mind to keep her terrifying dreams from everyone and her lack of appetite from everyone. Reece, in her right mind, would not have kept any of this from anyone. She does an excellent job of concealing the torment from everyone. After Levi returns to find her so ill, is the day when the Empress, Lady Allestaine would have no more of it. This brings in the tense interaction she had with Reece and for the first time ever living in Pemdas, Reece was ordered to her room. This was not a simple thing for the Empress to say to her future daughter-n-law, but Reece needed help and Lady Allestaine finally felt it was time to take over and force Reece to start eating, and send her to her room for rest. Even though the Doctor was summoned to the palace, no answers were given. Isn’t that strange? Nice work, Priestess! She not only fooled the wisest of the Emperor’s counselor’s, Galleta, but she fooled everyone around her through manipulating Reece’s mind. And it doesn’t stop there, once Reece is healthy, she hates Levi and everyone around her even more. (Levi again, blames her being forced to live in Pemdas for her behavior, but he has limits too AND a temper of which I think he did very well at keeping under control when Reece was yelling and arguing with him in his room.

Why didn’t Levi take the journal?

Why didn’t he take the journal? A better question…why wasn’t Jasmeen (the maiden) reprimanded for going through Reece’s things. Her maiden reading a journal entry? Shame, Shame. Although, it was a good thing she did or she wouldn’t have given Levi the information he would have never expected to hear.

Levi, of course, would never demand to see Reece’s private writings. It’s how he is. So with that said, I wish Reece would have at least offered to share her journal with him after they returned home from Greece. Oh, wait! The Priestess got a hold of her mind as soon as they arrived at the palace. THIS is when the Priestess kicks things into high gear. The Pemdai are now too distracted with Lucas’s army and Michael leading them to provoke some kind of war, to worry about Reece getting another headache. So this is when the Priestess lights the fire and kicks things into gear. At this point, yes, Levi’s concerns are rising. The priestess WAS making it obvious now, and even though it took Levi a moment to figure out she was in danger with Simone…he was too late. Simone had already lived up to her end of the bargain. She and the Priestess flawlessly executed their plans and Reece was lured out of the protective lands of Pemdas.

And this was a question as well. Why would Levi leave Reece alone with that woman? (Simone) Do not forget, he had already left her with Simone before. Sheesh, he even allowed her to go stay at the Psychopath’s home…outside of his watchful eye. Obviously no one trusted this, and that’s why Guards, including the Guardians Commander, Samuel, went to his estate so Reece could leave the palace. Still, nothing. Reece was never harmed by Simone. Simone never gave reason for anyone to be alarmed by her. She only showed remorse, care and concern for Reece. (Which made Levi nauseous.)

With all of this addressed, and I hope I didn’t confuse anyone that may have had these questions, I find it very difficult now…in Book 3, for ANYONE to take the Pemdai off guard again. Levi does assume the roll as Emperor of Pemdas and I would hate to be the person trying to get to her now.

This is the fun part of writing in this series to me. I wish I could answer everything in Book 2, but I can’t. Book 2 was just a warm up in regard to what the Pemdai are REALLY up against.

Now, it’s back to editing Book 3.

Feel free to leave comments/questions below and I will gladly help to answer them.

Have a wonderful day.

S.L. Morgan


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