Follow your dreams…listen to no one but you’re own heart!

Four years ago, this month, I informed everyone I needed and wanted to do, “I want to write a book series that everyone will love!”

Most laughed, some said, “Good Luck trying!” I understood, I had never written a book before! They were true in having those opinions… But, I wouldn’t let anything or anyone stop me! I had to write this book…this novel series! I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but then I met the characters…. Then I entered the land of Pemdas, and I couldn’t stop writing!
Why do I blog about this? Well, many of us have dreams and those who are afraid to see us fail in them, will try to stop us in order to protect us from failing. They will try and stop us with their own reasons and facts as to why our dreams can’t come true.
Sometimes, we have to have the courage to ignore this advice and be fearless in our dreams….I did! Below is just one picture of where, following my dreams and crazy ideas has led me.


Always follow your heart….

-S.L. Morgan


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