Finished the book, now what?

Don’t you just hate waiting, and waiting and WAITING for the sequel of your favorite book series to come out? Here you are, left with what most like to refer to as Book Hangover.


It’s horrible, heartbreaking and tests our patience beyond measure! Been there, done that! Now, I’ve turned into that author we all despise, cliffhanging everyone at the end of each of my books. Truth be told, I despise doing this, but I’m writing a book series that requires me to do this. I’ve noticed with each book I’ve written in the Ancient Guardians Series the cliffhangers get worse with every book! But, the best part…the book series is not over!!!!
We are working hard with our edits, and editing is a slow process…cleaning up a book, so that readers are transported into it and not distracted by annoying errors!
So with all this said, with whatever book that you are anxiously awaiting the sequel to, here’s a little idea for you while waiting. Hopefully it will cure your book hangover.


Re-read your book; upside down and backwards!  

It just might help!

SL Morgan


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