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Ancient Guardians Book 3 (Sneak Peek)

“We are warriors,” Harrison replied boldly, “We have the mindset to battle evil when  there is none other willing to do so.” He stood up and grinned, “My patience is no longer existent, let us finish this!” ****Book 3, 2015****


EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE….The Ancient Guardians series comes alive in the third book!!! Unexpected enemies, the twist you never saw coming….Your adventure is coming soon!


Bad Sex in Fiction Writing

Very interesting! I’ve done quote a bit of research on how I will a approach this in my third book. I’m going with the 5 senses…no vulgar words, nothing embarrassing to me, the readers and characters!

Paula Cappa

05789387_SexyReading_xlargeReading is sexy, yes? Reading sexy scenes is even sexier. What are your favorite sex scenes in books? No trash, no erotica, now, I’m talking just sexy scenes between two characters (or three?) that relates to the story and flow of plot, that entertains and deepens the characterization.  While there probably is no such thing as good literary sex (hmmm, what would that be exactly?), there is bad sex in lots of books out there. And you pretty much know it when you read it.

This blog is a supernatural mystery/horror fiction site with lots of classic shorts, but many of these stories have little or no sex in them. As a writer, I am always on the lookout for good examples of sex scenes in literature, modern and classic. I’m not finding many these days.  So when I found “Bad Sex in Fiction Award,” I had to explore. Today…

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Ancient Guardians: Book 3

Unedited excerpt!


Another Book 3…. #UnEdited Excerpt:

“Levi.” Reece interrupted him firmly. “There is not one question in my mind about this now. If I am the only way we can bring your Dad home, then you guys better figure out a way to keep me safe as we go through this other dimension.”


“No—you aren’t talking me out of this.” Reece’s eyebrow raised confidently at Levi’s expression. “I will go with or without you, what is your answer to that?” She taunted. Then she ran a hand through his hair but, his expression was unyielding. “Levi, I know that you’ve had a few days to think about this. You must have suffered sleepless nights to consider all of the possibilities. I also understand that if you thought I couldn’t do this or it wouldn’t work, you would have never told me just now.”

He looked over at her and seemed slightly relieved.

“Now, tell me. How does this man believe the Earth girl is supposed to achieve the un-imaginable?”

He shook his head. “You’re not questioning any of this?”

-Ancient Guardians: Book 3
Your adventure awaits!


Another edit???


I take editing extremely seriously! As an Indie Author I must! I personally chose not to go the traditional publishing route due to various reasons. In order for me to do this, I had to personally ensure this book series would be worth publishing to the reading world! The most important part of this process was hiring an editor (in my case 2) to go through my first book and heavily edit it. I will admit, when I got the manuscript back, I almost quit! It was overwhelming, but I pressed on!
After another editor went through all of my revisions, The Legacy of the Key went off to at least ten beta test readers! This was it! We fixed the errors, we made it possible for those to read without being distracted by errors!!!
Then….Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key hit #6 in all of FREE kindle downloads.
And then everything seemed to have changed! Never once was this book critiqued by readers, until it starting playing out there with the best sellers! At least four reviews later on how pourly this book was edited and why reader’s should NOT purchase from Independent Authors I had to take action.
I will not sit back and allow reviews to destroy indie authors. Yes, there are some indie authors out there, trying to make a buck…and publishing material that is destroying the indie author reputation. I am not one of them!
So, it was time to inquire with more professional editors! (Against everyone’s advice)
They only advised this because they knew the amount of money I spent in editing, editing and editing. Also, paying to have the book converted into all e-reading formats so that the book was available on all e-reading sites. Their point? “Your book is free! You aren’t even making money on this! You will spend more money for just a few people who criticized some minor errors?
My answer: Yes! I will not insult indie authors, nor will I ruin their chance of attracting readers. I can’t tolerate a book with errors (even though I’ve found them in big publishing House’s books) If I want to be an indie author, I must try and hang with the big publishing houses.
Even though the book’s reviews are amazingly all positive, I felt it my responsibility to have the book go through one last copy edit.
Funny, the errors they found were not the errors mentioned from the negative reviews. But, I am now excited to say that after two copy edits, on Tuesday, Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key will be back in the game! I will have Amazon deliver the message to all previous kindle customers who downloaded it, to update their ebooks to the new and revised edition of The Legacy of the Key!

Here are some fun snapshots of the new and revised versions of Book I! Yes, this process slowed editing down on Book 3, but not to worry, Book 3 is back underway in edits!




Never give up!!!! Award Winning book ‘The Legacy of the Key’ is in Miami Florida, after winning Silver in the International Book Awards and Gold in the Global eBook awards!!!!!


Ancient Guardians Book 1 at the Miami International Book Fair!

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend this exciting and honorable event; however many of our award winning authors are taking pictures of the books on display for those of us who weren’t able to attend, The street fair, A night with the International award winners, and the International award ceremony.

So here’s Ancient Guardians on display!


What an exciting and humbling experience for The Legacy of the Key to win Silver in Fiction Supernatural!!! The best part, it’s free to download on all e-reading sites!!!



Book 3 Excerpt: unedited


Harrison exhaled in frustration. It was not due to Levi’s response in this report that he had given him. Harrison was equally as frustrated. So, he must change his approach to his cousin.
“Emperor,” he started in a deep, concerned voice, “They believe your love to Reece to be unimaginable. Not only those in high positions on Earth, but all dimensions do not believe this will be the answer to save all of us.” Harrison stopped while seeing the lethal expression now present on Levi’s face. “We must find another way to gain their trust. Reece, being ‘The Key’ is not their answer.” Harrison replied with reservation.
Levi’s expression grew dark. He remained silent as his eyes wandered around the walls of his office. Was he seeking refuge in the numerous paintings of ancestors?
He brought his attention back to Harrison.
“Let them condemn us,” he said with a bold yet, sarcastic tone in his voice. “These opinions you have made me aware of will not change my opinion of what must be done!”
“Levi,” Harrison started, “At this time, there is none that agrees with your ideas of protecting Earth or any dimension.” Harrison watched Levi with defeat.
Levi simply laughed in response, “When have any of these beings agreed or believed in our cause?” He stood and eyed his cousin with a bit of humor, “They never will. This is the point is it not?”
Harrison laughed as he stood. “Let them be misled if they choose to be,” he crossed his arms, “What are your orders, Emperor?”

Ancient Guardians, Book III


How Best Selling Indie Authors Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon « The Official BookBuzzr Blog

My thoughts?

I’ll put them into picture….


I LOVE Morticia Addams, LOVE HER, and I love watching this family’s morbid, backwards life. However, I wrote a book…and she would HATE it! For all the reasons other reader’s may dislike it and for the exact reason that my book series is NOT for her.
Here’s the key, I didn’t write this book series for her. I am a writer who writes what they are passionate about and not everyone will agree with my passions and/or beliefs. It’s fine! What one person hates, someone else will love!!!

Another fun photo:


Replace the word Pirate with Author or Book… Guess what? You’ve got a negative review…this wonderful, avid reader took time out of their day to leave it! What’s better? Your book reached a larger audience in order to achieve this negative review! Your book is getting out there! Stay positive and enjoy it, because They have heard about you and your book!!!

Why do I write this and share this post? Because there are so many aspiring authors out there who fear publishing their work due to the negative reviews and feedback! Please don’t let this stop you! There are some who will criticize your baby, they will hate it and they will have no problem bodly proclaiming you should find another job. Guess what, that’s their opinion! I’ve had that review, I shrugged it off…I had too! Why? Because I’m learning there are far more other readers that needed to have the escape my books gave them! You will have those readers too!!!
I LOVE this quote:

“The artist doesn’t have time to listen to the critics. The ones who want to be writers read the reviews, the ones who want to write don’t have the time to read reviews.”

– William Faulkner

It’s true, if I got caught up with negative criticism, I would NEVER finish my book series! I focus on staying true to myself, my passion for my books and characters and more importantly, the reader’s who anxiously await the next book in my series!

So indie authors, chin up, stay fearless and share your incredible talent with the wonderful world of readers!

Oh, and always remain humble…because there will be reader’s who LOVE your work!!!

The sky is the limit! Follow your dreams!


Best wishes to all!!!



Leaving Reviews for Indie Authors

We LOVE reviews :-)!!! Excellent write up on how to leave a review for a book you enjoyed and how it really does help the book and inspire that author!!!

Sandra Smith, author

You know that friend who’s always pleading harassing  asking you to leave them a book review on Amazon? The one whose book you read? Possibly you even got the book for free? Okay, so ME for some of you.

This is just a little tutorial/explanation of why it is so important and how to do it. One more encouragement to get you over there, leave the review, and drop the guilt. 🙂

First of all, is one more review really important? YES! Unless the book has over 100 reviews, it’s important. And the author checks every day on occasion to see if there is a new review. And it really makes the author’s day to see a new review (unless it is 2 stars or less and then they feel kind of bummed).


1) When a potential buyer goes to an author’s book’s Amazon…

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‘Tis the season to be Thankful!

I hope all who plays along with Halloween, had a wonderful and safe time! I know that I personally had a run-in with The Queen of Hearts and Maleficent!


The Queen of Hearts thought that I was painting her roses red and Maleficent was certain that I stole her beautiful, feathered wings! One simple promise to persuade them that if they knocked on doors, they would receive candy…and just like that, I was pardoned!

Now, that Halloween is over… Get ready, the Christmas songs are about to encourage you to rock around the Christmas tree! Hopefully, you will not be too distracted to enjoy the month of thankfulness!!!!


I have so many reasons that I am thankful and in all honesty, I necessarily do not need a particular month to proclaim it! Hopefully you all feel the same as well!
So, while I’m on the subject, I must say I will always be thankful first and foremost for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and how he stands by my side through the hard times and the fun times…well it’s obvious, he’s at my side ALL the time!
This year will be the first year that I’ve been home with my parents and sister to celebrate the holidays. After we left California, I was sure we’d never return again. Wrong on that one! I’m home in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s living a calm, serene life again! The crisp morning air, the smell of wood stoves and pine trees, wow, leaves me beyond thankful!
Right now, I am editing the third book in the Ancient Guardians Series and was overcome with shock, amazement and joy when the first book in the series, Award winning book ‘The Legacy of the Key,’ soared to #6 in all of free kindle downloads, #1 in Fantasy Romance and #1 in Sci-Fi Fantasy!!! What a way to start the month of November for me.


I can’t help but to be more than humbled and therefore, so thankful for this! More than that, for everyone’s support of the Book Series! This includes, family, friends and my favorite….those who took time to review the book that enjoyed it! You will never know how much I enjoy and remain humbled by your wonderful words of enjoying the books and possibly sharing the book with others! It keeps me inspired and motivated to keep writing in this series, along with having my harsh, but wonderful and amazing editor tear each book apart that I send to her. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my editor, but without her profound skill, my books would have never received awards or good reviews! Always be cautious of an editor that loves your work! **wink**

I think I’ve rambled on long enough, back to editing Book 3 so we can get this baby published in 2015!!!


Enjoy your day, and reflect on something you’re thankful for!
S. L. Morgan