‘Tis the season to be Thankful!

I hope all who plays along with Halloween, had a wonderful and safe time! I know that I personally had a run-in with The Queen of Hearts and Maleficent!


The Queen of Hearts thought that I was painting her roses red and Maleficent was certain that I stole her beautiful, feathered wings! One simple promise to persuade them that if they knocked on doors, they would receive candy…and just like that, I was pardoned!

Now, that Halloween is over… Get ready, the Christmas songs are about to encourage you to rock around the Christmas tree! Hopefully, you will not be too distracted to enjoy the month of thankfulness!!!!


I have so many reasons that I am thankful and in all honesty, I necessarily do not need a particular month to proclaim it! Hopefully you all feel the same as well!
So, while I’m on the subject, I must say I will always be thankful first and foremost for my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and how he stands by my side through the hard times and the fun times…well it’s obvious, he’s at my side ALL the time!
This year will be the first year that I’ve been home with my parents and sister to celebrate the holidays. After we left California, I was sure we’d never return again. Wrong on that one! I’m home in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s living a calm, serene life again! The crisp morning air, the smell of wood stoves and pine trees, wow, leaves me beyond thankful!
Right now, I am editing the third book in the Ancient Guardians Series and was overcome with shock, amazement and joy when the first book in the series, Award winning book ‘The Legacy of the Key,’ soared to #6 in all of free kindle downloads, #1 in Fantasy Romance and #1 in Sci-Fi Fantasy!!! What a way to start the month of November for me.


I can’t help but to be more than humbled and therefore, so thankful for this! More than that, for everyone’s support of the Book Series! This includes, family, friends and my favorite….those who took time to review the book that enjoyed it! You will never know how much I enjoy and remain humbled by your wonderful words of enjoying the books and possibly sharing the book with others! It keeps me inspired and motivated to keep writing in this series, along with having my harsh, but wonderful and amazing editor tear each book apart that I send to her. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my editor, but without her profound skill, my books would have never received awards or good reviews! Always be cautious of an editor that loves your work! **wink**

I think I’ve rambled on long enough, back to editing Book 3 so we can get this baby published in 2015!!!


Enjoy your day, and reflect on something you’re thankful for!
S. L. Morgan


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