How Best Selling Indie Authors Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon « The Official BookBuzzr Blog

My thoughts?

I’ll put them into picture….


I LOVE Morticia Addams, LOVE HER, and I love watching this family’s morbid, backwards life. However, I wrote a book…and she would HATE it! For all the reasons other reader’s may dislike it and for the exact reason that my book series is NOT for her.
Here’s the key, I didn’t write this book series for her. I am a writer who writes what they are passionate about and not everyone will agree with my passions and/or beliefs. It’s fine! What one person hates, someone else will love!!!

Another fun photo:


Replace the word Pirate with Author or Book… Guess what? You’ve got a negative review…this wonderful, avid reader took time out of their day to leave it! What’s better? Your book reached a larger audience in order to achieve this negative review! Your book is getting out there! Stay positive and enjoy it, because They have heard about you and your book!!!

Why do I write this and share this post? Because there are so many aspiring authors out there who fear publishing their work due to the negative reviews and feedback! Please don’t let this stop you! There are some who will criticize your baby, they will hate it and they will have no problem bodly proclaiming you should find another job. Guess what, that’s their opinion! I’ve had that review, I shrugged it off…I had too! Why? Because I’m learning there are far more other readers that needed to have the escape my books gave them! You will have those readers too!!!
I LOVE this quote:

“The artist doesn’t have time to listen to the critics. The ones who want to be writers read the reviews, the ones who want to write don’t have the time to read reviews.”

– William Faulkner

It’s true, if I got caught up with negative criticism, I would NEVER finish my book series! I focus on staying true to myself, my passion for my books and characters and more importantly, the reader’s who anxiously await the next book in my series!

So indie authors, chin up, stay fearless and share your incredible talent with the wonderful world of readers!

Oh, and always remain humble…because there will be reader’s who LOVE your work!!!

The sky is the limit! Follow your dreams!


Best wishes to all!!!



4 thoughts on “How Best Selling Indie Authors Deal with Negative Reviews on Amazon « The Official BookBuzzr Blog

  1. Thanks for your support for new writers! Maybe when I’m done with mine I will send a copy to you! Appreciate it! Love your books!


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