Book 3 Excerpt: unedited


Harrison exhaled in frustration. It was not due to Levi’s response in this report that he had given him. Harrison was equally as frustrated. So, he must change his approach to his cousin.
“Emperor,” he started in a deep, concerned voice, “They believe your love to Reece to be unimaginable. Not only those in high positions on Earth, but all dimensions do not believe this will be the answer to save all of us.” Harrison stopped while seeing the lethal expression now present on Levi’s face. “We must find another way to gain their trust. Reece, being ‘The Key’ is not their answer.” Harrison replied with reservation.
Levi’s expression grew dark. He remained silent as his eyes wandered around the walls of his office. Was he seeking refuge in the numerous paintings of ancestors?
He brought his attention back to Harrison.
“Let them condemn us,” he said with a bold yet, sarcastic tone in his voice. “These opinions you have made me aware of will not change my opinion of what must be done!”
“Levi,” Harrison started, “At this time, there is none that agrees with your ideas of protecting Earth or any dimension.” Harrison watched Levi with defeat.
Levi simply laughed in response, “When have any of these beings agreed or believed in our cause?” He stood and eyed his cousin with a bit of humor, “They never will. This is the point is it not?”
Harrison laughed as he stood. “Let them be misled if they choose to be,” he crossed his arms, “What are your orders, Emperor?”

Ancient Guardians, Book III


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