Another edit???


I take editing extremely seriously! As an Indie Author I must! I personally chose not to go the traditional publishing route due to various reasons. In order for me to do this, I had to personally ensure this book series would be worth publishing to the reading world! The most important part of this process was hiring an editor (in my case 2) to go through my first book and heavily edit it. I will admit, when I got the manuscript back, I almost quit! It was overwhelming, but I pressed on!
After another editor went through all of my revisions, The Legacy of the Key went off to at least ten beta test readers! This was it! We fixed the errors, we made it possible for those to read without being distracted by errors!!!
Then….Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key hit #6 in all of FREE kindle downloads.
And then everything seemed to have changed! Never once was this book critiqued by readers, until it starting playing out there with the best sellers! At least four reviews later on how pourly this book was edited and why reader’s should NOT purchase from Independent Authors I had to take action.
I will not sit back and allow reviews to destroy indie authors. Yes, there are some indie authors out there, trying to make a buck…and publishing material that is destroying the indie author reputation. I am not one of them!
So, it was time to inquire with more professional editors! (Against everyone’s advice)
They only advised this because they knew the amount of money I spent in editing, editing and editing. Also, paying to have the book converted into all e-reading formats so that the book was available on all e-reading sites. Their point? “Your book is free! You aren’t even making money on this! You will spend more money for just a few people who criticized some minor errors?
My answer: Yes! I will not insult indie authors, nor will I ruin their chance of attracting readers. I can’t tolerate a book with errors (even though I’ve found them in big publishing House’s books) If I want to be an indie author, I must try and hang with the big publishing houses.
Even though the book’s reviews are amazingly all positive, I felt it my responsibility to have the book go through one last copy edit.
Funny, the errors they found were not the errors mentioned from the negative reviews. But, I am now excited to say that after two copy edits, on Tuesday, Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key will be back in the game! I will have Amazon deliver the message to all previous kindle customers who downloaded it, to update their ebooks to the new and revised edition of The Legacy of the Key!

Here are some fun snapshots of the new and revised versions of Book I! Yes, this process slowed editing down on Book 3, but not to worry, Book 3 is back underway in edits!




Never give up!!!! Award Winning book ‘The Legacy of the Key’ is in Miami Florida, after winning Silver in the International Book Awards and Gold in the Global eBook awards!!!!!


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