Ancient Guardians: Book 3

Unedited excerpt!


Another Book 3…. #UnEdited Excerpt:

“Levi.” Reece interrupted him firmly. “There is not one question in my mind about this now. If I am the only way we can bring your Dad home, then you guys better figure out a way to keep me safe as we go through this other dimension.”


“No—you aren’t talking me out of this.” Reece’s eyebrow raised confidently at Levi’s expression. “I will go with or without you, what is your answer to that?” She taunted. Then she ran a hand through his hair but, his expression was unyielding. “Levi, I know that you’ve had a few days to think about this. You must have suffered sleepless nights to consider all of the possibilities. I also understand that if you thought I couldn’t do this or it wouldn’t work, you would have never told me just now.”

He looked over at her and seemed slightly relieved.

“Now, tell me. How does this man believe the Earth girl is supposed to achieve the un-imaginable?”

He shook his head. “You’re not questioning any of this?”

-Ancient Guardians: Book 3
Your adventure awaits!


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