Ancient Guardians: Book 3

Another sneak peek!!!!


Levi helped Reece onto Arrow, and watched the horse willfully give her control over him. Control that despite his greatest efforts while he worked with the young, guardian horse, Levi struggled to achieve.

Reece laughed softly as Levi studied Arrow’s response to her as his master. Before he turned to Areion, Levi took Arrow’s halter with both hands and studied the horse’s brilliant golden eyes.

Arrow let out a grunt and tried to jerk his head free from Levi’s grips. Levi ignored his response, and continued to stare into Arrow’s eyes. What do you sense in her, boy? As soon as the question absently entered Levi’s mind, Arrow nudged Levi in his chest and pawed the ground with his strong,  massive hoof.
At this time,, Levi smiled knowingly. He mentally questioned Arrow. “There is something unique about her, isn’t there? Something more—”

Arrow jerked his head back, prompting Levi to let his halter loose. Levi laughed in astonishment. He spoke to the guardian horse again through is mind; “You may be able to read into my mind, young friend—I only wish I could read into yours…”

Coming soon!!!!!


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