I am against Author and Reviewer bullying!

 AuthorBullying (2)

There is much to be posted on this, for now, I want to inform potential reader’s that I will NEVER comment on their reviews be them good or bad. If a reader were to contact me personally through email, my website or facebook, I am always happy to discuss with them about their personal opinions about any of my books.

Recently, I discovered another author attacking a reader that had passion for one of my books and wrote their personal opinion to a reviewer that a had an opposite opinion of the book than theirs. This happens very often. Reviewers and readers will protect that which they are passionate about. Sadly, this misinformed ‘author’ as they referred to themselves, attacked a reader/reviewer of the Ancient Guardians series, thinking this reviewer was me, the author. After attacking this reviewer and insulting the book and me as the author in defense of this negative review, I had to step in.

Sadly, many authors and reviewers are under attack. Authors will attack a reviewer for not liking their work and reviewers will mob together and attack an author threatening their favorite author’s work. I am not making this up.

Check out this site and what authors are dealing with. Stop the Bullys

Why am I even posting this? Because so many are victim to this. Authors and reviewers on any site. As a potential reader, allow me to warn you, if you let reviews decide whether or not a book is for you. Positive reviews: Do they give you enough feedback that goes beyond the blurb to make you interested? Negative Reviews: Do they go beyond their personal critique and explain enough to show you they have even read the book, to help you decide whether you agree with them or not.

Sadly, the reading world is becoming corrupt and falsely misleading readers away from a book they may absolutely have loved. Please be vigilant if you choose to read reviews.

Back to the point of me posting this (And possibly risking 1-star reviews for doing so) I will NEVER comment on a review be them good or bad. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What one may hate, another will love. So with this said, I must make reader’s aware of the malicious attack on a reviewer expressing their opinion on a negative review on my book. This “Author” was wise to NOT use a name to link herself to her books as this author, attacked and bullied a reader under the false assumption it was me. Here is the exchange and my response after I was highly embarrassed and devastated for the reviewer who went under attack.

Amazon Customer says:

Not really sure how old your copy is; but this book has been reformatted and republished! There is not one error, and believe me, I can not read a book unless it is fluid! Maybe you should do yourself a favor and download the newest version. I would never wish on my greatest enemy, to NOT have the privilege of visiting PEMDAS and meet Reese, Harrison and Levi! READERS BEWARE….. You WILL NOT regret reading this book! If you are into the possibilities of other dimensions within the universe, you will want to read this MULTIPLE AWARD WINNING SERIES! (*if it was so horribly written, with tons of grammar and punctuation errors, how has it won so many awards?) Just saying!

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 1, 2014 10:45:09 PM PDT
P. Smith says:

I downloaded it tonight. Don’t know how I can get a more recent version than that. As to how it can win awards with atrocious grammar and punctuation, all I can say is it may not bother some readers or award-givers.

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 6, 2014 5:48:13 PM PST
Amazon Customer says:

I find it fascinating that after this book as been out for sooo long, that all of a sudden there are people mentioning its grammar and editing???? Well, I’m glad for one, that there are smart people out there to not believe these bad reviews for nothing more than an author competing against this author! I’ll feel good knowing that this book has a 4.5 rating with an astounding 85 AND CLIMBING readers!!! You can try to degrade this book; but it WILL be on the best sellers list surpassing yours everyday!!! I won’t even mention that your calling editors and publishers that read this book and gave it the awards inept or incompetent… what are your credentials??

THE ATTACK ON THE READER by another Author
In reply to an earlier post on Nov 17, 2014 10:01:10 PM PST
I have to reply to this. As an author, your reaction and appalling lack of courtesy to your readers, is mind blowing. Rather than go on the defensive on this., a better reply would be:

“I’m sorry your issue had grammatical errors. It’s possible that you downloaded an earlier edition that wasn’t properly edited. Amazon does mix things up from time to time and mistakes happen. I will look in to it and in the meantime hope you can muddle through enough to look at the book itself as a story. Or better yet, send me your email and I shall forward you a corrected copy.”

That’s how you deal with people who find errors. NOT by belittling them, implying they aren’t smart and asking for a their credentials.

Because of these reponses of yours to this reader and others I’ve seen from you, I shall not bother to download the book at all. Oh, BTW, 85 readers is not exactly taking the Internet by storm. Neither is the current 118. Feel free to let me know when you get a couple of thousand.

Your post, in reply to an earlier post on Dec 11, 2014 12:08:37 PM PST
Last edited by you 10 hours ago

I, S.L. Morgan, ‘the author’ have not commented on this string until now. I am unsure why you are attacking a reader that is defending the book with their personal opinion. Please understand that I am very aware of author etiquette while receiving positive or negative reviews. I will not respond to them at all, unless they are reviewing the book with inaccurate details and therein misleading readers into buying a book that does not have content they are speaking of.
All readers are subject to their own opinion and I actually used this review and other reviews to hire another editor and have the book re-copy edited. I will always respect the reviews of Readers be them positive or negative.
What you are referring to is ‘Author Bullying’ and I will never bully a reader over their opinions of any book I write. (Obviously, I did not comment on this until now, in order to defend this reviewer and my name as the author against your false accusations.) I believe that if you are in fact an author, you would apologize to this reader for attacking them and insulting them, believing they were the author.

I am the Author of this work and this is my reply. Please do not attack reader’s that are voicing their opinion over reviews assuming that they are the author.

Have a wonderful day and I am very grateful I came across this string today or my readers would have been misled by your comments believing this reviewer was in fact, me.
S.L. Morgan
Author of the Ancient Guardians Series.

Please, let’s stop the bullying. It hurts readers, reviewers and authors.

S.L. Morgan


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