An interview with Levi, Reece and Harrison

The characters of the Ancient Guardians series were recently interviewed for a blog tour. This is the first time that Levi, Reece and Harrison have been interviewed. If you missed it on the blog tour, it’s now here for your enjoyment.


An interview with Reece, Levi and Harrison.

As I sit in this exquisite palace across from the three main characters in the Ancient Guardians Series, I struggle to maintain my focus. Fortunately, after reading the first two books in the series, I jotted questions down prior to entering the fascinating realm of Pemdas. The author does an excellent job of describing the glowing foliage at night, the magnificent palace; but even at that, I learned quickly that I wasn’t prepared for the beauty this world possessed.

I took my seat on a ivory, Victorian style chaise and was immediately offered a hot cup of tea from the palace servants. WOW, the explosive flavors of this tea are indescribable and definitely a flavor I will always crave long after this visit to Pasidian Palace.

As I sat, fidgeting with my papers, I hear a soft laugh coming from the chair to my right. Harrison. I glanced at him and instantly his piercing blue eyes, flawless features having me blushing. After learning of his personality, I knew immediately he was enjoying my embarrassment. He draped an arm over the back of his chair, crossed a leg and nodded toward my papers.

“It appears that a glass of wine might help clear your thoughts,” he started with a knowing grin, “The tea seems to have you a bit frazzled.”

I snapped out of my daze and before I could say anything, Reece spoke up, “Don’t listen to him. I was a wreck when I first was taken into this dimension,” she smiled reassuringly at me, “It takes a while to absorb everything.”

My thoughts were clear now, and my first question was for Reece. I smiled in return, “Thank you, all of this is way too much to take in and I’ve even read everything you’ve gone through. I personally wondered how you could manage? How you just could lose any thoughts of your life on Earth and your medical career and trade it for a life in this world. It’s somewhat clear now. Was it easy for you to adjust?”

Reece smiled, “Not necessarily,” she squeezed Levi’s hand, which he immediately responded with a loving smile in return. “I was a wreck, at first I’m dealing with some type of paranormal vision of my Dad visiting me, and then these guys,” she arched an eyebrow at Harrison, “start following me everywhere. The next thing I know, I’m flying down a road with Harrison driving like a maniac and then we’re in Pemdas. I needed answers and it was so frustrating that it took them so long to give them to me.” She glanced up at Levi, “I understand why they did now, I definitely would have never made it to the palace after the Emperor Navarre told me about my genealogy.” She glanced out of the window, “I nearly broke down into hysterics—”

“Ha!” Harrison coughed out a laugh, “Your expression showed nothing but a pale face and it was obvious you were going to run screaming out of the room at any moment.”

I softly laughed as Reece returned Harrison’s humored expression with a simple roll of her eyes. “I’m glad I could amuse you. Fortunately, Levi offered me to get out for fresh air before I could go screaming through the palace.”

I brought my attention to Levi, he had been extremely formal and quiet throughout most of the exchange. I will admit, it is difficult to be in his presence. As Reece explains numerous times, his vivid blue eyes, highlighted by his dark hair and flawless features, will having your heart beating a little rapidly too. Trying to be respectful and not gawk over this man that is in love with Reece and she with him, I simply grin and not allow his piercing eyes to hold mine hostage.

“It was clear that you had feelings for Reece at the time you guarded her on Earth, how did it feel to watch her go through the many emotions she did from the moment she encountered you in the airport, until you brought her safely into your world.”

Levi’s expression grew somber, “It was not an easy task for me. After the events on the airplane and nearly losing Reece to the Ciatron due to that event that our commander, Samuel, ordered us to take her to Pemdas then.”

Reece glanced up at Levi as if this were news to her.

He went on, “I argued with Samuel, as much as I desperately wanted her in our world, not only for her protection, but,” his cheeks slightly colored, “for selfish reasons as well. I longed for the day that I could interact with Reece, to know her better and for her to have an opportunity to know me. However, those were mainly selfish reasons, I knew that if we took Reece from Earth and into our dimension, her entire life would change and I greatly feared the effects that would have on her. So I demanded Samuel give us more time to guard her without taking her then. There were no other options after the Ciatron became more interested in her and were planning at all costs to take her into their world in order to see if she was the descendant of Paul Xylander. That’s when we had no other option.”

“How did I not see any of this?” Harrison blurted out in annoyance.

“It could possibly be the fact that your eyes and attention are always drawn to other women in any room we’re in.” Levi retorted with a laugh.

Harrison shrugged, “True.”

We all laughed in unison.

“Some believe all of this to be too unrealistic, too perfect, and the way Reece accepted these changes in her life unbelievable. Some have criticized you, Reece, for ‘gushing’ over Levi while being a Medical student. Such a woman with a mature mindset would not react in such a way.”

This forced a laugh out of Harrison, a stern, yet concerned gaze from Levi and a look of confusion playing on Reece’s face. Instantly, her features softened. “Let them think what they want. Yes, I was determined to be a Pediatrician, I had what I believed the perfect life mapped out for myself. It wasn’t until I was brought here that I realized I was using all of this to fill a void I didn’t have,” she glanced up at Levi, “Levi.” She simply stated. “Believe me, I had no plans to fall in love with him, but when I started to see everything so differently, because of him. It was like everything faded away, I hardly felt stressed out, I felt complete. I didn’t want to go back to the high paced life on Earth. I wanted to be here. It’s hard to explain. But, my life wasn’t just turned upside down when I was brought to Pemdas. It started when I lost my dad. I had to do something. I was young and was at a make or break point in my life. So I chose the most demanding profession that I could conquer, not realizing that was the answer to grieving my dad’s death.”

“I am so sorry for your loss.”

Reece smiled in response, “Thank you, I appreciate that. I may have lost my father, but in some strange way, I gained the world in return by having Levi’s love.

“Gained the world of Pemdas that is,” Harrison spoke out, “Let’s weigh this for a moment, Reece having a future as Doctor or Reece having a future as the next Empress of an entire world?”

“Harrison!” Reece sighed.

“Think about it? How could anyone question that?”

It was getting late and I knew the servants would announce dinner soon. I saved one last question for Harrison, “It is no secret that you are on a social media site on Earth.”

“What?” Reece said with a laugh.

Harrison sat smugly in his chair, “Yes, it is quite entertaining.”

“Harrison, I will never understand you.” Levi said.

Reece sat up, “What site?”

Harrison crossed his arms, “Facebook.”

Levi rolled his eyes as Reece covered her mouth with both her hands, “Please tell me you aren’t posting pictures of us on it?” she said, still laughing.

“You will never know and not to worry, nothing that I post will put you or anyone at risk.”

Reece glanced up at Levi’s annoyed expression, “The next thing we know he’ll be on a dating site.” She said in a low voice, forcing Levi to laugh out loud.

“Nice one, Reece.” Harrison returned. “However, it is quite obvious I have no need for such things.”

The room grew silent and I could tell there was something more that they knew then they were telling me. Before I could ask, a servant entered the room and announced dinner.

We all stood at once. Levi instantly crossed the room, and thanked me for my time. Reece offered an endearing hug, thanking me as well. Harrison sauntered across the room and offered his arm, “You must be famished, allow me you to escort you to dinner before your return to Earth.

And that was it. Reece helped me get through dinner without making a fool of myself and before I knew it, I was on my way back to Earth. I have to admit, I wish I never had left. Yes, I want to live in Pemdas and I am so thankful that S.L. Morgan gave me this opportunity to visit Pemdas. I know she would have interviewed the characters herself, but, she is buried in edits with her third book and I was the closest one she could reach out to.

It was definitely a privilege.

Rena Blanchard

Senior Book Interviewer


Ancient Guardians: Book 3 is coming soon!



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