Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the KEy

“Chivalry never died the gentlemen in most men did…,” One of my greatest enjoyments of writing this lifestyle in my books.


Call me an old fashioned romantic at heart, it’s who I am. When deciding to take a risk (in our current world and how most author’s write romance these days) I KNEW bringing back the ‘old fashion romance’ was a risk. It would not be believable to most readers, because we no longer live in an generation where men treat their love interest above themselves. I know, I’ve seen it. The true gentleman no longer exists, I wanted to bring him back.
This is why I feel compelled to tell you why the men treat women in the Ancient Guardians Novel series with high respect.
I was more than thrilled, burdened, to bring back the age where men treated women above their own selfish needs.
When a woman walks into a room, the men will always rise to honorably acknowledge her.
This is somewhat awkward for Reece Bryant being from modern day Earth. She is far from understanding these traditions. But she quickly appreciates them.
Also, being offered a man’s arm to be escorted throughout the grand palace and also in the extravagant gardens. Again, Reece finds this gesture quite odd, but again, she appreciates it. She soon vocalizes her gratitude for the men treating her with dignity and respect.
Enter Levi, the emperor’s son. I tried with everything that I was to make him somewhat arrogant with the title he held in his world. Forcing the character of Levi to act in such a way, made my writing flat and unbelievable. So it was time to erase and REWRITE This was not who Levi Oxley was/is. He is a gentleman and raised by honorable parents. This hasn’t come without a price for him either. Levi’s fine manners and the way he selflessly treats his love interest, has had him put in the ‘Sappy Romantic’ category with a few reviewers. Fortunately, with Levi’s supreme confidence on how he should treat a lady, if one were to insult his behavior, it would never bother him.
His favorite ‘pet name,’ for his love interest is an extremely ‘old fashioned’ romantic way of referring to her. He has been criticized for using the term, ‘Love and ‘my love’ repeatedly to his love interest. Now, don’t get me wrong, if my husband referred to me as such I’d look at him like he was insane. But my husband lives in a generation where that term for a love interest is almost non existent. And of course, he’s not Levi.
This is what draws me so much to Levi’s character. If you’ll notice in the books, Levi only refers to his love interest with these ‘pet names’ when he is alone with her.
Respectfully, in scenes where he his in the company of others, he uses his love interest’s ‘proper’ name.
Then, we have Harrison. A gentleman as well. However, Harrison also has a way of playing both sides. He’s witty, sarcastic and loves to go outside of the rules whenever he can. It’s also why I love writing his character, he gives balance to how men treat women in the enchanting dimension of Pemdas.

With all this said…
Yes, Ancient Guardians falls into a Romance genre as well as fantasy and Sci-Fi. Focusing on the romance of this series, it’s not a romance most of us are accustom to, it’s an Old Fashioned Romance and I love writing this series for this reason alone.
If I were Reece, and brought into Pemdas, I wouldn’t want to return to Earth either, regardless of my career path I chose.
So with all of this said, if you enjoy classic, clean and old fashion romance. Men who treat women with profound respect, you may just enjoy this new series.
The best part…it’s FREE on ALL ereading sites so that you can give a test run!
Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key (Book 1) Available for FREE
Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2) $2.99 on all ereading sites.


Happy Reading,
S.L. Morgan

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A writer is a writer not because she writes well…


I never believed myself to be the next great writer that reader’s would rave about. It never was any intention of mine to be the next Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, or Jane Austen.
I wrote a novel with hopes that others would enjoy a escape with.
I chose to share this novel with the world. I was was warned to have thick skin when I did. Not everyone would enjoy my story. In the beginning the minimal hateful reviews stung, and then I soon realized, I wrote this book…but not for them! I wrote it for myself and for those who still believe in fairy tales, chivalry and mostly reader’s with a love for an escape!
This quote suits me and my novel series perfectly!
Happy 2015!!!
SL Morgan