A writer is a writer not because she writes well…


I never believed myself to be the next great writer that reader’s would rave about. It never was any intention of mine to be the next Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, or Jane Austen.
I wrote a novel with hopes that others would enjoy a escape with.
I chose to share this novel with the world. I was was warned to have thick skin when I did. Not everyone would enjoy my story. In the beginning the minimal hateful reviews stung, and then I soon realized, I wrote this book…but not for them! I wrote it for myself and for those who still believe in fairy tales, chivalry and mostly reader’s with a love for an escape!
This quote suits me and my novel series perfectly!
Happy 2015!!!
SL Morgan


6 thoughts on “A writer is a writer not because she writes well…

  1. There’s a small typo: It’s Stephen King.
    Well not every story is for everyone, there are many genres, subgenres, niches. You just need to find the correct audience.

    • I minor error and I thank you for pointing that out! Stephen King is the master of writing and engaging his readers into his world! As you pointed out, not every story is for everyone, just as Stephen King is not an author of which I read, his works are not my ‘cup of tea!’ Although my eldest Sister reads and owns every book he has written. All of this said, to see Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2) sitting side by side ‘The Master’ of fictional books is a great honor! I wrote this blog, not to complain, but to imspire!

  2. Honestly, it is just what I needed to read!! I love this!! I agree, if we are going to write for anyone it ought to be for ourselves. I find when I have completed something I feel better, lighter even. Its a therapy which services me. What better reason to continue writing? Thank again!! Happy New Year!!!!

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