Reece leaves Earth only to lose herself?

Ha! I beg to differ! Our Heroine FINDS herself and much, much more!
Ancient Guardians: The Awakening (Book 3, Ancient Guardians Series)

Book 3, “The Awakening” excerpt….

Here we go….

…….Enter Reece and Harrison.

“I understand completely, Harrison.” Reece answered him,” I’ll meet you at the stables. Please have Javian saddle Arrow for me.” She responded determinedly.

Harrison chuckled in disbelief, “Arrow? Absolutely not! Have you lost your mind?”

“Lost my mind? Quite the  opposite!”  Reece answered as her eyes narrowed at Harrison in reproach. “Prepare Arrow. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been watching Levi work with him. I can see that he’s ready to ride now.”

“Reece, do you realize the stubbornness of that young horse? The trouble he is giving Levi? He’s worse then Areion ever was. There is no way—“

“Harrison,” Reece interrupted, “If you don’t tell Javian to saddle Arrow for me, I will find a way to do it myself!” she demanded.

Harrison’s eyes narrowed, “You sound just like your intended husband.” He grinned, “I will meet you at the stables, and after this, I will face my cousin’s wrath when and if we encounter him.

Reece walked down to where Jasmeen was organizing the clothes her closet. “I need to change.” she said as she plucked her riding outfit off of her hanger.

Jasmeen located the rest of the riding ensemble and quickly helped Reece change into it.

Once she was dressed and ready to ride, Reece walked to the stables where Harrison waited with Javian. “Miss Bryant, please. I have already sent for another horse.” Javian pleaded. “The horse should be here within the next ten minutes. I am uncomfortable with you riding Arrow; Master Levi needs more time to guarantee that you will be safe riding him.”

Reece smiled as she pet Arrow on his muscular neck. “I appreciate your concern, Javian; however, Arrow and I will be just fine.” Reece answered as she noticed the new black saddle strapped to her stallion. “Besides, he’s already saddled.”

Harrison crossed his arms and leaned against the fence. “Javian, you waste your time attempting to convince her otherwise. Don’t worry, my friend,” he clapped Javian on the shoulder, “Levi will have both our heads if anything were to happen to Reece. However, she will not budge with her demands.” He pushed himself off the fence, “I myself should like to see how this stallion responds to her mastering him.” he said with a smirk.

Reece exhaled, “I’ll be fine, and I will personally take the blame if anything happens.” She looked at Javian. “Harrison will be with me for the entire ride. I am sure Saracen will help to keep Arrow in line as well.”

She grabbed Arrow’s reins, and before she could step into the stirrup, Harrison stopped her.

“Reece, before you mount up, you need to know that guardian horses are much different than the others you have ridden.”

“Harrison, I have already gone through this with Levi,” she stated confidently, “and I’ve already ridden, or should I say, mastered, Areion.”

“Alone?” Harrison questioned.

“No, Levi was with me.”

“There is a monumental difference, Reece. Levi was with you.” Harrison rested his arm over Arrow’s saddle. “Now, from the moment you step into that stirrup, you must mentally give yourself over to Arrow. If he approves of you mastering him, well then, Javian and I here…will not have to answer with our lives to Levi this evening. If not—“

“If not? Maybe you shouldn’t put those thoughts in my head right before I get on the horse, Harrison.” Reece arched her brow at him.

Harrison sighed. “Good point.”

Reece turned, and without hesitation, stepped into the stirrup and swung her leg over the massive stallion’s back and settled into the saddle. She reached for the reins and leaned over to pet Arrow’s firm neck.

It appeared as if everyone had frozen in place, except for Arrow who immediately brought his head up and then turned his head back to study Reece. Harrison’s eyes were intense as he stared at the young horse, and Reece could feel the tension radiating off of Javian as he watched Arrow. The men stood on each side of the horse, ready and waiting for whatever Arrow’s response may be to Reece wanting to master him.

“Hello, Arrow. How’s my boy? I’ve missed you!” Reece greeted the stallion cheerfully.

Arrow jerked his head out, stomped his feet and grunted in response. Harrison sighed in relief while Javian reached out to a fence post for support. Reece could not help but to burst into laughter at the site of the two men.

She reached out and patted Arrow on his strong, powerful shoulder, “These men stress out way too much, don’t you think? Now, let’s go find your dad!” Reece said as she directed the horse away from the stables.

Harrison shook his head, “You have got to be kidding me. Amazing!”

Javian chuckled. “I’ve never seen anything like it. This horse has always been fond of Miss Bryant in a way that Master Levi and I could never understand.”

Harrison hoisted himself up on Saracen. “Well, Arrow,” he said as he directed Saracen over to where Arrow stood gallantly, “show me what you got, boy!”

With that, both stallions set out at a rapid pace away from the palace grounds.


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