Ancient Guardians NEW RELEASES

RELEASE DAY FOR BOOK 3, Ancient Guardians Novel Series!


       Happy “Official” release day for
  Ancient Guardians: The Awakening!

I want to first of all thank each and everyone of you for your patience with us as we brought this book through grueling edits, revisions, edits, edits & edits!!!! Now, the day has come and we can bring our wonderful readers back to the enchanting dimension of Pemdas! It is my greatest hope that you all enjoy the third book in the Ancient Guardians series!
Currently the eBook is available on Amazon kindle and Barnes & Noble nook! (I’ll have links below)
Due to Smashwords still slowed up on distributing the eBook to our iTunes & Kobo readers, we do have a solution. You can go to smashwords and they will have the proper format to download the eBook today for your devices! Links below!
Amazon Kindle: Click Here
Nook: Click Here
Smashwords: Click Here
Add it to your shelf, Click here

Welcome back to Pemdas!!! Also,
Don’t forget Harrison Oxley will be taking over my Author S.L. Morgan page at 4pm Pacific Time! He’s ready to party it up with everyone! Hope to see you there!


Ancient Guardians NEW RELEASES

Available on AMAZON Book 3, The Awakening!


I was BLOWN AWAY when BJ found that Amazon Kindle had already approved and published Ancient Guardians: The Awakening (Book 3)
So right now as we wait on Nook, Kobo and iTunes… Amazon Kindle readers can now download the third book in the series!
I hope you all enjoy it and thank you so much for your patience with us!!!
CLICK THIS LINK: Download Now to be directed to the eBook on Kindle.
Happy Reading!


May 19, 2015 Book Release for Ancient Guardians: The Awakening (Book 3)


We’re excited to announce that the third book in the Ancient Guardians Series will be released on all ereading sites and in softcover on May 19, 2015!!!
Your new adventure awaits!