Book 4 of the Ancient Guardians series and a new update!

You may just have these two expressions with the news about to give.

First of all, I can’t thank all of our wonderful readers for being on this amazing journey with me. It’s been unforgettable and I feel as though we are all one big family (along with our fictional family) ❤
After weeks of consideration while we work on Book 4, I’ve decided that in order to deliver the best book possible, I will be pulling what I had from Book 5 into book 4 to complete The Ancient Guardians Series. I honestly feel this will deliver a better book and the best way to end the series.
Now, not to worry too much. The way the series will end will NOT leave anyone hanging or guessing. (Here comes the second expression from RDJ)
I am actually being pulled in a new direction with the Guardians and that is: to write short stories following Levi and Harrison when they first began guarding Earth and their encounters while doing so. (Think of it as a TV series.)
Right now this is where The Ancient Guardians novel series is at. However if Book 4 is turning out to be 300,000 words because we brought Book 5 into it, we’ll be forced to separate the two. I honestly don’t see this happening. So, I hope this is agreeable with all of our readers and I would honestly love your feedback. I’ll keep everyone posted if we change things up and we decide to keep Book 5 as our final book!
My love to you all!!! ❤❤
A quick thank you to Robert Downey Jr. For having an incredible personality and the ability to display the best facial expressions! :)👍😎 🙂


21 thoughts on “Book 4 of the Ancient Guardians series and a new update!

  1. I really am a fan of this series!!Am from the Philippines and i really want to know when is BOOK 4 of The Ancient Guardians be released…Thank you and Congratulations! In Advance..

    • Amaterasu I am simply honored and humbled to have a wonderful fan of the series, especially from the Philippines! We have a close friend who is a missionary there.
      As for the release of Book 4, we are in edits with it right now and are hoping for a late 2015 release, but time usually flies faster than the edits of a book. So I’d like to be safe and say we are hoping that it will be no later than early 2016!
      All of my best and thank you for reaching out to me!
      S.Morgan 🙂

  2. I started book 1 last week and since then read the 3 books 2 times already and eagerly awaiting the 4th book. very very impressed and big fan of the main 3 characters, seems more than real. would loveee to have the 4th book as soon as possible or i’ll just keep reading the first 3 over and over again! 🙂

  3. I adored your books! I was visiting family in England and brought my kindle along for some much needed binge reading. I read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy and did not find it as amusing as most do. Then I stumped upon your first book and fell in love! I would burst out in laughter and tears, my heart wrenching at every turn. As for the third book the ending came to quickly! I’d be excited to see some lengthy books! You have an amazing story with opportunities of expansion. We will continue readying! Thanks for the great books!

    • Hi Vicky!
      Thank you so much for your response. I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed the books thus far! I promise you that I will keep writing, I’m in love with this escape and the ability to create worlds & characters and go on amazing journeys with them and most of all, bring readers on the journey with me.
      Have a wonderful evening!
      Stacy SL Morgan

  4. I have just finished the third book thinking it was the last in the series! So glad it isn’t after that ending! Amazing series that I absolutely love. Thank you for writing such a magical series and creating such a beautiful world as well as amazing characters!

    • Thank you, Fiona!
      Yes, definitely there is at least one more book in this series and we are working on it right now. There is NO WAY I would have ever left you hanging like that. In fact, I hated to end the book in the way I did, bit editor begged me to go out of my comfort zone and take a risk by doing something different. THAT I definitely did…
      All my best,

    • Hi Fiona!
      You are very welcome! So humbling to hear you enjoyed the series. I’m looking forward to the day we finally publish Book 4: The Reckoning. Hang in there with me while we continue to bring it through final edits.
      Stacy SL Morgan

  5. I love the series, can’t wait for book 4, but will probably be terribly sad once I finish it. Wouldn’t mind a book 5!

    • Hi Barbara
      I’m sad to bring the series to an end with Book 4, but as my editor said recently…”I think you just want a break, you’ll never stop writing in either this series or a new one, it’s who you are now!” She’s right 😊
      Have a great evening,
      Stacy SL Morgan

  6. I like the idea of you adding book 5 writings into book 4. I do not mind a lengthy book if it is something I enjoy reading, and as long as it does not end disappointing. I love reading the series.

  7. Awe your books are fantastic to read .I have read the all 3 books twice and keep checking to see if there is a release date for book 4 ,I hope it is very soon xx

  8. Your Ancient Guardians series was the 1st kindle book that I read. I have read over a 100 since. None have captured my imagination like this series. Let me add my voice in thanking you for the first 3 books and for the one to come. I am very sad that I can’t find any more of your books, but hope that your 4th one is released soon. Please keep writing after the 4th book.

    • Hi Carroll,
      I’m sad to end it at Book 4 as well, but am looking forward to bringing readers back in time with a younger Levi and Harrison as they go on assignment. I believe that Harrison will keep us highly entertained while the serve on Earth before their promotion to guarding The Key!
      Hang in there for me, Book 4 is still in edits and we are working hard to get this one to publish!

  9. Have just read the first 3 books in a week… them. Hurry up book 4 I need more! Congratulations on a brilliant series

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