Ancient Guardians: The Reckoning (Sneak Peek)

Here it is the sneak peek into the fourth and final book in the Ancient Guardians Series! While we wait for the release date on June 6th, I decided to share the “Introduction and First Chapter” for your enjoyment!


Click on the highlighted link below to open the document.

Ancient GuardiansSneakPeek

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3 thoughts on “Ancient Guardians: The Reckoning (Sneak Peek)

  1. Arrogant, proper, duty and honor are what Levi is supposed to be now. If that is true I hope he lives up to his commitment to Reece because his honor is at stake if he doesn’t. I didn’t like Levi talking to Isabelle, he knows he’s married even if he doesn’t remember, what’s proper about that? If the intent was to get your readers riled up you succeeded with this one. I don’t want to read about Levi and Isabelle toying with Reece’s emotions, especially now that she’s pregnant. I hope you didn’t go there.

    • All I can say is that Isabelle better watch herself! I don’t like that woman any where around Levi and neither does anyone else in the book. I will say this: Reece is very strong in this book and I hope that will help readers as they read.

  2. I read the first chapter. I cannot wait for the full book to come out. Counting the days! I have to say that I don’t like the nineteen year old Levi. Love your books! Thank you for the talent and willing to share it with us!

    Yours Truly,

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