Book I: Ancient Guardians; The Legacy of the Key

No matter where you are, facing your reality with passion and purpose will always lead down the path you were intended to go.

Reece Bryant could not be more proud of how she was able to pick up the pieces of her broken life after the sudden death of her father. Though emotionally draining, she found the courage to move on, which would have made her father proud.

After finalizing the last of his estate and returning to pursue her career in medical school, she has never been more sure of herself. Strong, in control, and confidently making her way through this world on her own, she is suddenly confronted with the truth of her existence, and the reality of her future.

A series of extraordinary events lands her in a place beyond her logical comprehension, and reveals new worlds and new dimensions to which her very existence is paramount.

When she finds herself helplessly falling in love with Levi Oxley, the man she considers to be the essence of a perfect gentleman, she is torn between doing what her heart desires, and the truths of what she knows to be reality—he can never love her in return.

At a moment’s notice, our lives journey can become crystal clear, even thru the fog of our denial. And within the revelation when our fear subsides, we can find contentment and purpose if we focus on the things that matter most. Trust—Courage—Love.


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