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Ancient Guardians NOT a three book series!


Amazon has this lovely little feature that has me a bit frustrated even though I try my best to get the word out that the series does not end with book 3, The Awakening!
So it’s time to clear things up.
First of all, yes…my editor encouraged me to take a HUGE risk and end book 3 in such a way that it would stand out differently from the previous books. She believed that in order to make the ending “unpredictable” we cut an entire chapter and push it into book 4. This risk has caused quite a bit of feedback and also left some readers so upset they sort of forgot everything else in the book and rated it low because they were upset about the ending. It’s perfectly fine, but my issue now is readers are believing that the series ends there due to Amazon’s new way of promoting the book. (3 Books in the series…picture above).
Facts: Book 4 is written and in editing and revisions. We have no concrete date for its release, but we do know this: It will be released!
Right now, I may be ending this series at book four, but if something happens in the whimsical world of Pemdas, we may have book 5…we may have book 6! We don’t know yet. 😉 But the most important thing is, The Ancient Guardians novel series is not a trilogy! There is a book in edits and revisions that will pick up where book three ended!
Special note: It was the hardest decision of my writing career to end book 3 like I did. But, I like the books unpredictable and interesting, so I followed my editor’s advice and took the risk!
Now with all of this said, Ancient Guardians is not over. We have much much much more for our readers!
My best to you all,

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Detailed review of The Awakening by The Book Whisperers : Pride and Prejudice meets E.T. in a good way!

An AMAZING and beautiful review of Ancient Guardians: The Awakening by The Book Whispers


Take a gander up there at that beautiful book cover. That’s the portal to Pemdas a realm that’s connected and dependent on Earth. I’ve reviewed S.L. Morgan’s Ancient Guardians books before on The Book Whisperers blog and just like last time I was both overwhelmed with feels and impressed with the beauty of her prose.  If you haven’t liked her fb page you are so missing out. She’s one of those authors that interacts with her readers throughout the entire book writing process. This is, as far as I know, revolutionary for us readers. S.L. Morgan invites us into her home office on a daily basis and shares with us her struggles and triumphs as a writer. This allows us, the readers, to feel a sort of….read the rest of this incredible review here: The Book Whispers

My sincerest thanks to The Book Whispers,
S.L. Morgan

Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the KEy, Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited, Book 3

Ancient Guardians: Award winning Book


Currently, Ancient Guardians: The Legacy if the Key has won Gold in the Global e-book awards for Fiction: fantasy/other worlds and a Silver Medal in the Reader’s Favorite Book awards for Fiction: Supernatural.

I am so excited for The Legacy of the Key and now, The Uninvited; Book 2 in the Ancient Guardians series is following close behind it!

After receiving a 5-Star review seal from Reader’s Favorite reviews, Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited is now competing with other amazing authors in the Global e-book awards and The Reader’s Favorite International book award contests!

Wow, what a journey these two books are taking me on! And it’s just getting started, Book 3 is still in edits, Book 4 patiently awaits it’s editing process and Book 5 is begging me to write it!

The life and live of being a writer!


Book 3

Ancient Guardians: Book 3 Video sneak peek! Watch “Jessica Simpson – I Wanna Love You Forever Lyrics” on YouTube

More than once I have mentioned that music inspires every part of my writing. As I listen to various songs on my iPod, a song will catch me and I have an entire book ready to be written. Then there are songs when I struggle to write particular scenes and or chapters a song will help to motivate it. It’s as if the song awakens the emotions I need in order to write with the passion a writer must have to write!
I will not lie, my favorite scenes to write are the fighting scenes and most of all, the love scenes. I believe I enjoy them so much because they are the biggest challenges!
SPOILER ALERT (For readers who haven’t read or finished Books 1&2 in the series)
For example, the song I’m about to share is an excellent example of that. In my third book, Levi and Reece FINALLY get their ‘Happily Ever After’ and it’s not at the end of the book series…how exciting is that?


Anyway, being married for 18 years, I must find those feelings of First Love and much anticipated wedding vows! Fortunately, as I struggled to get into character this song by Jessica Simpson rolled into the iPod lineup! (I have every song from every musician that you could imagine…thank goodness). I hadn’t heard or listened to this song for at least 19 years, when Jessica’s very first single was released. As the song played, my mind kicked right into gear and I was able to feel, know and understand EXACTLY how Reece felt about standing up, preparing to say her vows to Levi! This video could almost be a dead giveaway for what readers will read in Book 3, Wedding Celebration!
As for the song for their wedding night of strong, devoted and painfully anticipated night of love…well, I can’t give that one away! All I’ll say is when I finished writing, I literally said…”Is it hot in here or is it just me?” Ha! So with all of this said, here’s a beautiful video into the mind of SL Morgan as she prepared the character’s for wedding day! Enjoy!

Jessica Simpson – I Wanna Love You Forever Lyrics:


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New updates! Ancient Guardians Book 3 and more…

First of all, to my surprise…my fictional character, Harrison, just became “nonfiction!” As if he doesn’t give me enough trouble documenting his, Reece and Levi’s story…he goes and blows his cover! Now he’s on Facebook and when he’s on Earth, there is no telling what other social media sites he’ll randomly show up on! He better not give any secrets away!!! 👿

Harrison's new FB account

And now for a little sneak peek into my favorite book in the Ancient Guardians Series! Book III 🙂


Will the Guardian warriors risk everything they are known for to recover what is theirs? Book III brings us more thrills, adventures as we follow the Pemdai warriors as they journey into the unknown….You will not want to miss this third installment of the series, as Levi and Reece’s love grows stronger and Harrison steps up into a main character roll with them!
Still under edits and revisions, and hoping for a late 2014 release!
I promise to keep everyone who is excited for Book 3 in the Ancient Guardians series updated on release dates!

Happy Saturday!!!!
SL Morgan!

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A night to remember…Book 3

Ancient Guardians Book 3

Love is in the air…

In the third book of the Ancient Guardians series, this was one of my favorite chapters to write. It was the first draft, of course.

What is the quote; “Write with the door closed, edit with the door open?”

And here I am…with the door open…

I have done A LOT of research on how to write a ‘love scene’ between two characters in the genre my book is in. As a writer, you have a lot to consider with who your audience is and you must respect that in your writing.
The Ancient Guardians series follows a young college girl who is swept into the enchanting dimension of Pemdas. The man (Levi Oxley, The Emperor’s son and also the man who served as her guardian on Earth) that she slowly becomes ‘taken with’ and eventually (spoiler alert) falls in love with and he admits his love for her as well! (Given the ages of these characters, this book is technically not a young adult series.) But, I have young adults reading it and enjoying it)

In the first two books of this series, I got to play with the two main character’s affection toward each other…and it was definitely fun writing those scenes! However, we are now in Book 3!
When I first started thinking about how I would ‘take on the writing’ of their night of…well, let’s just say, Passion! I literally asked the question; why did I do this to myself? Why did I have to make two characters fall in love and build up to their ‘Wedding night?’ (Maybe I should just make them break up? Ha! Just kidding…might as well end the series there ;+}) Not happening…there are too many adventures ahead of us).

This is where I went to other Author’s and their blogs for advice! (They’ve been down this road)

I have learned quite a bit from these excellent authors and how I should approach this particular chapter without embarrassing my characters, the readers or myself as the author. This series has attracted readers from ages 13 and up to ages 70!
Writing explicit scenes is definitely not my personal style (there are plenty of other books out there, by great authors, to help appease the reading audience that would enjoy that, thank goodness for that ;-}) But, as the author of the Ancient Guardians, I’ve created a different standard with my characters and also a much different style of my writing to show the heated passion between these two characters…and now, in Book 3, we are bringing it up a notch. How will SL Morgan approach this? Very carefully!

So in my research, two questions by these helpful authors were asked of me!
1. Do you chicken out, and kick the door closed and leave it a mystery to your readers? 🐣🐓🐣

My answer: I can’t necessarily do that, I’ve enjoyed building up to this special moment for the readers! Why would I give them more passionate scenes in previous books, tease them, and then just shut the door on them when the moment FINALLY arrives between my two little love birds? So kicking the door closed is definitely the easiest way out…but I don’t operate, or write, that way! I LOVE a good challenge in my writing…and I’m about to take it on!

Second Question:

2. Do you give the readers just enough, and let their imaginations do the rest….
My answer: Yes, that is exactly what I do. It’s a special moment my between characters. Believe me, they have waited for it, and endured through quite a bit to achieve their special night!

So, here I go….writing a scene that is respectful to my characters, readers and the novel series. This challenge will be fun, exciting and hopefully after the editor and I have approved it…it will be well received by its reading audience!

I have to look at it all this way…

If I can sweep readers into a captivating dimension and help them escape reality with the other two books, I think I can find the proper words to deliver the fun, loving and passionate romance of these two characters without making readers cringe!
Now, I’m off to take my personal challenge!
Happy reading, writing & editing.
Here we go……
Ancient Guardians: Book 3
A night to remember!”


SL Morgan

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Good writing is the hardest form of thinking…


Quote of the day! 🙂
SL Morgan
Author of the Ancient Guardians Series
Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key (Book 1) (Now FREE on Kindle & Nook)
Ancients Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2) (Only $2.99 on Kindle & Nook)

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Why I love to write in the Ancient Guardians series.

Or should I say why I love to write, period!


The picture says it all! Personally, when I write, I’m drawn into the scenes in the book and then the computer screen simply fades away. Now, I’m living in the enchanting dimension of Pemdas! I’m with the characters, trying to document their story! Writing is an escape for me, just like reading is!
The hard part…
is being ripped out of this fascinating world in order to edit and polish the book, so I can share it with the wonderful world of readers! This is when I get to read through the book, over and over and over and over again! Find mistakes, rearrange sentences, get rid of overused words etc.
Then the editor takes over and the manuscript comes back… 😩
And I start thinking is it really worth it? Do I really want to do all of this work, just so I can publish a book that will probably never pay the bills? (If you are an author you know exactly what I am talking about.) Editing is my worst enemy, it kills my creative side, it exhausts me; but, I will press on and endure through the grueling process!
Because I have to share this fascinating story with the readers out there that I know will appreciate the escape just as much as I do! I complain about editing, I probably always will…but when I step back and read the final polished book, I stand amazed and more excited than ever to publish. (God Bless Editors)
There are other authors out there that won’t agree that writing is their escape, they certainly won’t agree with how I write…but we are all different, our words are different, and that’s why readers have so many wonderful books out there to choose from!
Just a little fun fact from SL Morgan!
Here’s to all authors and editors and the readers who read our work!
(whether they like it or not) 🙂


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Ancient Guardians: Book 3

You are cordially invited….


I feel like a wedding coordinator as I orchestrate this unique ceremony in Ancient Guardians: Book 3!
The big event is set to take place in the Spring of 2018 when Book 3 is published…ha! Just kidding! Although, it is nice to create a deadline I know I can beat!
Now, back to writing this unique ceremony and ensuring that the readers will be just as captivated by it as the future bride to the Emperor of Pemdas will be!