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Congratulations to “The Uninvited” now an award winning book!


I’ll admit that this was an extremely hard book for me to write. A simple example, when I write I am literally in the characters mind. For those of you who have read this book and know what Reece deals with, you may be able to understand why I had to shut the laptop more than once in order to write ‘the scenes’ she was struggling in. If that wasn’t enough, I decided to write this book in Levi’s point of view as well! Wow, what a challenge! It was mentally draining and when our Guardians went to war…I WAS READY FOR IT!!!!!
This all said, I had NO IDEA how readers would receive this book. I sat back in relief when readers enjoyed it, and now? Well…here it is, The Uninvited joins The Legacy of the Key and has won GOLD in the Global eBook awards!!!
Way to go go, Guardians!!!!


S.L. Morgan will be at Branches, Books & Gifts in Oakhurst, California for a book signing

The BIG day is approaching and I will admit I am extremely nervous for my very first book signing. Even though I am nervous, I couldn’t be more excited. My first book signing will be very dear to my heart as it will be in the local bookstore in the beautiful town of Oakhurst where I grew up.

During the book signing I will be answering questions anyone may have, signing books, doing giveaways and best of all, interacting with the wonderful people in our local community. Here’s all the fun details!

Also, I will be happy to answer any questions about the upcoming release of Book 3, The Awakening.

Book Signing at Branches, Books & Gifts

mochaloca mochaloc

Here are the prizes….just for showing up!!! 

Grand Prize: First giveaway


Next Giveaway:




Please note: You do not need to be present when the drawing takes place. Simply leave your name and your preference of how you would like to be contacted and we will notify you if you are the lucky winner. Your prize will be waiting for you at Branches, Books & Gifts to pick up.

Book Signing date: March 16th 2015

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Junction Plaza Center
40282 Highway 41, Suite 14
Oakhurst CA 93644
Intersection of Hwy 41 and Road 426

Google Map Link

I look forward to seeing and meeting you there!!!

All my best,

S.L. Morgan


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Ancient Guardians: Award winning Book


Currently, Ancient Guardians: The Legacy if the Key has won Gold in the Global e-book awards for Fiction: fantasy/other worlds and a Silver Medal in the Reader’s Favorite Book awards for Fiction: Supernatural.

I am so excited for The Legacy of the Key and now, The Uninvited; Book 2 in the Ancient Guardians series is following close behind it!

After receiving a 5-Star review seal from Reader’s Favorite reviews, Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited is now competing with other amazing authors in the Global e-book awards and The Reader’s Favorite International book award contests!

Wow, what a journey these two books are taking me on! And it’s just getting started, Book 3 is still in edits, Book 4 patiently awaits it’s editing process and Book 5 is begging me to write it!

The life and live of being a writer!


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Before He was Superman…..


Most authors, as well as readers, have visual images of who they see as their characters…and I did the same thing.
As I wrote, “Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key” I had an image of my main hero character. At the time, he wasn’t known throughout the world, until Man of Steel hit the silver screen! As I wrote my manuscript, this man… Henry Cavill was the only person I could relate to Levi…not only by certain looks he had, but his personality nearly fit Levi Oxley’s perfectly. A perfect gentleman, chivalry and most of all loyalty! Now, don’t get me wrong…before you hit Google of images of him, I have to say, there are only certain pictures of him that resemble Levi.
Anyway as I worked hard on writing, editing and preparing my book to be published, I was informed that there was a fangirl following and rooting for him to be the lead character in the best selling book series 50 Shades of Grey. (Have not read it, but from what I learned…definitely NOT Levi. Then another following for him to play in another erotica book series if it became a movie. With all this said, I had to let go of this image of Henry as Levi. There was no way I would associate him with the book as there were other well known book readers obsessed with him as their lead man! Perfectly fine!
And then came…Man of Steel! Mr. Cavill was now known around the world as Superman. Following this actor before this incredible breakthrough for him, made me so happy that he finally did it! He not only was known around the world, but he landed one of his dream roles…Superman! Way to go, Henry!
So, by chance and with great surprise, I came across another actor that really hasn’t had “the breakthrough” yet. Amazingly, he fits my image of Levi Oxley perfectly!
Well now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag…I’ll give some images of what I saw as Levi through Henry Cavill! Enjoy.




Make sure you keep up, Man of Steel 2, Batman vs Superman comes out soon!

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Summer Reading: Ancient Guardians Series

Ancient Guardians Novel Series

😎 Summer is almost here and the wonderful world of readers are already suggesting wonderful books to read! They have their favorites and I have mine. (I am not biased AT ALL 😉
First up and FREE on the sites below! (Free in Ebooks only, paperback for both novels are also available and on sale)

Book I Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key

Amazon Kindle: Free
Barnes & Noble Nook: Free
Apple iTunes store: Free
Smashwords: Free

2nd Book in the series:

Book II Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited

Amazon Kindle: $2.99
Barnes & Noble Nook: $2.99
Apple iTunes store: $2.99
Smashwords: $2.99
KOBO: $2.99

Happy Reading…I get to edit/proof/revise/polish Ancient Guardians:
Book III 🙂


SL Morgan!!!


Fun in the Sun….Don’t forget your sunscreen!!!! 😉

Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the KEy, Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited

Updates are available for Ancient Guardians Books 1&2 on Kindle


Here’s the beautiful new cover for Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2) and Amazon kindle has finally updated both ebooks for the readers!
After finding enough errors to warrant me having Book 1 and Book 2 reformatted professionally, I can happily say that if you have downloaded these books into your device, kindle has a wonderful feature to help you add these updates to your books!
Just go to, click on my account, a menu will drop down and you will see an option to manage my kindle. click into this and you will see all of the books you have in your kindle library! It will give you an option to update or if there is a book you have that has an update available! I, personally have my kindle set to automatically update any ebooks that have available updates 🙂 So, with this feature available, you can update to the newest versions of any and all of your ebooks!
The Legacy of the Key has been recently reformatted and the new version should be ready for you to update
The Uninvited has the same updates, as well as the new colorful version! I will be looking into nook to see if there are also options to do updates there as well!
If there are other authors out there that have more information in regard to these features, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!
All the best!
SL Morgan


I love the new ‘colorful’ versions, the pictures just don’t do them justice!

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It’s never a good thing to find errors in your book after publishing!


Photo credit: Above photo all rights of the actors in The Hangover 2 and the picture unedited belong to The Hangover movie series!

The photo above is a perfect example of how I look after nearly killing myself (along with my editor killing herself) while polishing and preparing a book for publishing!
By this time, we have already gone through the manuscript a million times, content editing, line editing…etc! Then we send off to test readers to find any missed errors!
(Disclaimer: We are all human)
None is at fault here for missing an error. And, yes, our test readers did find obvious errors!
So, now we run final test read to ensure that the book is ready to go….
Then it’s time to pay to have the books professionally formatted for all reading devices! Once that is done and finalized, it’s time to publish the book and hope it’s well received by the world of readers. (My anxiety is at it’s maximum at this point…) So I publish, but can’t walk away….I read again! How I am able to do this is unexplainable, but I guess it shows how dedicated I am to my characters and books as the author)
Once I start reading the published versions….
This is when, what I like to call ‘easter egg’ errors pop up right before my paranoid eyes! This is how my luck runs….I see them (only after the book has been published) My reaction?? Everyone I tell that helped to test read for errors reactions? (See the above photo! :-)) I despise these errors, because even though they may be read-over errors, they are still errors and have the potential to rip a reader right out of the book. They also have the potential to show that I didn’t spend ‘quite a bit of money’ to have a professional editor edit the book! I work too hard for these little gremlins to show up in my books!
Fortunately my husband introduced the books to a friend of his, who has an incredible talent for finding these errors and she was more than willing to help me remove them! (She’ll be on the editing crew for the rest of the books and I couldn’t be more grateful)
So, with that said, errors are fixed and both Ancient Guardians: Books 1&2 are currently being reformatted TODAY!
I know we are all human, and even the greatest of authors have errors in their books, but I try my best to publish books that the readers can enjoy without a ‘the the’ error showing up somewhere while they’re reading.
Sure there will be readers that will not enjoy the novels, error free or not. Of course I, just as any author, prepare myself for those reviews…but the errors have to go!!!
So enough of that, not only are the books being reformatted and republished but the NEW COVER for Book 2 “The Uninvited” is ready for publishing as well!!!


Here’s the new cover….
It was designed to match the colorful cover for book 1, The Legacy of the Key! I love it!!!


Book 2 “The Uninvited” New eBook cover…below!


Me right now???? EXCITED AND HAPPY


Have a great day! SL Morgan

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The Ancient Guardians Series is getting some fantastic updates!!!


While editing Book 3, we’ve had some extra work going on behind the scenes with Books 1&2 in the Ancient Guardians Series! Throughout these books being published, I’ve noticed errors in them…this drives me insane given the amount of work we have done to ensure these books are polished for the readers! Nothing is more annoying than being ripped out of a book due to an error! I have had another test reader go through and find practically every distracting error in both books! I can’t thank her enough, since the editor and I have gone both books over a hundred times (I’m exaggerating, but it feels that way). So, with that said both books are set to be reformatted on May 2 and reuploaded to Nook & Kindle! Softcovers will be updated within the week. If you have already purchased the ebooks, I know Amazon Kindle has a special way of updating your kindle (I’ll help with this once the books are reformatted and uploaded!) Also, The Uninvited has its new cover! So if you like the BLACK edition, nows the time to get that before it is replaced by the new cover replacing it! I can’t wait to reveal the new cover that will match The Legacy’s colorful cover!!! It’s an exciting time for The Ancient Guardians Series and I can’t thank all of the readers support…you keep me motivated and excited to be the author of this series! Your kind words and wonderful reviews help inspire to continue on and improve the Ancient Guardians Series!
Have a great day,
SL Morgan

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Good writing is the hardest form of thinking…


Quote of the day! 🙂
SL Morgan
Author of the Ancient Guardians Series
Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of the Key (Book 1) (Now FREE on Kindle & Nook)
Ancients Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2) (Only $2.99 on Kindle & Nook)