An honest review for Ancient Guardians The Uninvited (Book 2, Ancient Guardians)

A BIG thank you to Candy for such a detailed and honest review of The Second book in the Ancient Guardians series! As an author, it is critical for me to have honest and detailed reviews to help readers decide whether or not a book is worth their money and time! This is something I take very seriously as an indie author, for the readers, for the book and for my name as an author! I’m grateful to Candy for taking the time to read and go above and beyond my expectations for a review!
Below you will find a excerpt of her review and I hope you’ll go to her site and read the entire review! -SL Morgan


Candy loves to read Book Review of Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited.
Wow! Now this is how you write a sequel! Morgan took us to the beautiful world of Pemdas in The Legacy of the Key and brought us back for another adventure in The Uninvited (the title isn’t directed at you, you’re invited). I looked at my book rating record and it would appear that the second book in a series scores lower than the first. Not this time.

They usually get a makeover…when they didn’t need it. You spend the first book learning about them, understanding their background, getting in their head. Excited for book 2, you look forward to picking up where you left off and catch up with the characters you have come to love. Finally, you get your hands on the sequel, settle down for the reunion, and wind up with strangers thinking Who are these people? They do or say something that is so far out in left field and out-of-character that I’m checking the name and going back to the first in the series to see if I’m going crazy. Thankfully, Reece and Levi are still Reece and Levi along with Harrison and the rest of the gang. No switching out Terrance Howard for Don Cheadle for the character of James Rhodes in Iron Man. Sorry, that just bugged the crap outta me. I don’t care about the reasons why but if you are going to replace someone, make them a different character! Change the role! Anyways, Reece is her down-to-earth self (well, down-to-pemdas now), Levi the passionate and fiercely protective prince, and Harrison the ever witty and loyal friend. If there is anything different about our lovely couple, they are more affectionate and by that I mean very affectionate. Which brings me to another reason that can make or break a sequel: the chemistry.

For more on this very detailed review that will help readers decide whether or not they would enjoy the second book in the Ancient Guardians Series, please visit Candy’s blog site! I can’t thank her enough for such a detailed and most of all HONEST review of Ancient Guardians: The Uninvited (Book 2, Ancient Guardians Novel Series)


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