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58 thoughts on “The Official Website of SL Morgan and Ancient Guardians Series”

  1. I just read legacy of the key. Loved the book but had no desire to continue with the series. I was going to tell you to fire your editor but I read you hired a real one. It was very distracting to see so many errors! I have a traumatic brain injury where I temporarily (and sometimes still) lost the ability to use verb tenses and spell. It’s disheartening that I can spot so many errors!!! To the critics who don’t want you to spend more money on editing: if I’m so turned off on the editing (or lack of) in a free book, why would I consider BUYING any after that?

    1. Hi, Barbara.

      First of all, please allow me to offer you my deepest apologies for your brain injury. I am deeply sorry.
      Thank you for taking the time to read the book, I am greatly disappointed in that the errors have destroyed the book series for you.
      Yes, the professional editor on The Legacy of the Key was not used for any of the other books. I take editing these books extremely seriously (It takes nearly a year to finalize edits, revisions, edits, edits and edits.) I will not tolerate a book with errors, why should I expect readers to? So this is why I sent the book last week off to a professional copy editor and they clean the novel up very well.
      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and to me help prove to everyone why it is so important to have a polished, clean novel.
      I wish you all the best and the happiest of reading many books.
      Have a wonderful evening,
      S.L. Morgan 🙂

  2. You are the second most best author I have read from my entire life. I say second because of Rick Riordan, but with the amount of books from different authors I have read. Second sounds pretty good. I just got finished reading book 1 and let me just tell you I stayed up until midnight just to finish it. Every time I put it down I wanted to pick it right back up, just as Reece did I fell in love with Levi. I am super excited to read the second book and the third. Thank you for being such a great author.

    1. Thank you so much, Morgan!
      I am humbled beyond words! I hope you enjoy many more books in the series. Book 3 is coming early 2015, and I’ll have you back on Levi’s arm sooon!!!!
      Have a wonderful day!
      Thank you so much for your comment!
      S.L. Morgan

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved your books. I read both of the Ancient Guardians books in days. They had me laughing hysterically in public, crying with the characters, hiding at work so that I could read more and staying up till 3 in the morning when I had to be up at 5 am. You did an amazing job with this series and I can not wait to read more of your books (Ancient Guardians or not, though I can not wait to continue the series). Thank you for giving me the pleasure of reading your amazing work. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    1. Thank you so much! I am so honored and thrilled that you had such a fun, wonderful experience with the first two books! I have a feeling Harrison had laughing in public, he has a way of doing that! I am so looking forward to the release of the third book. We go deeper with the characters and an wxciting, new adventure is to come!!! Thank you for your kind words, they mean more to me than you know!
      Have a wonderful evening, Sarah!
      All the best,
      S.L. Morgan 🙂

  4. Finally! A new plot! So many of the fantasy genre seem to follow the same formula, but Ancient Guardians? Creative and entertaining! I enjoy the visual imagery and character development. My only complaint is that book III is not yet available. Tell them to epublish NOW pleeze. Thank you. More!

    1. Thank you, Amber! 🙂

      Yes, there’s definitely a fourth book. It has been written and is in the editing/revising stage. We are working hard to release this book before the year is out.
      Hang in there with us and Welcome to the Ancient Guardians family 🙂
      All my Best!!

  5. I would like to say how much i have enjoyed this series. I have have read books 1 to 3 in less than a week and really disappointed when i went back on to amazon to get the 4th book and realised it hasnt been released yet. I hope it will be soon.

    1. Wow! That’s amazing and I’m so thrilled to hear you enjoyed the series so far. We are working on Book 4 right now and if you’d like you can follow my Author SL Morgan Facebook page where I do constant updates on the books!
      Thank you so much again for taking the time to read the books and leaving your comment.
      All of my best,

  6. I just wanted to say how much I loved your books. You have a way of making the each person feel real, I just could not put the books down. I just read books 1 to 3 in five days. I can’t wait for your next book to be out.

  7. I would just lime to say a big Thankyou for the fantastic ,ancient guardian novel ,I am so looking forward to book 4 .hope it will be very soon.and any other books that have Levi in them xx

  8. I have read all three of your books and can’t wait for the fourth. I see that most of the people that are leaving comments are female so being a 62 year old man seems to be out of the norm. The morality and adventure I find in your writing reminded me of Clive Cussler. Thank you

    Cole Young

  9. S.L. Morgan I must say that I read all three of your books and I am speechless. Those were the best three books I have read in my life. I love to read; and have read thousands of them. I am extremely picky with my books but you had me addicted reading these books until I read them all. 3 long books in 3 days is a record for me! Haha. These books are flawless. Levi and Reece felt so real. I cannot wait until the 4th book comes out.

    Maybe a sneak peak as to when the 4th will be out? I want a time span so that I can check everyday and immediately buy the books. I am having withdrawal symptoms already!

    Please never quit writing!

    Grateful reader,

    1. Hi Gabriel!
      I’m so thrilled and left speechless by your comment. It is truly humbling to hear that readers like you have enjoyed the series like you have.
      We are still bring book 4 through heavy edits and revisions. I’m VERY active on my Author S.L. Morgan FB page (there should be a link at the end of each book.) I have already announced the title (Ancient Guardians: The Reckoning) there and like to do updates and sneak peeks into Book 4 there too. Also, once I’m ready to announce release date info, I will send that out in my newsletter, also link is at the back of book and on both Ancient Guardians & author FB PAGE. I’m really hoping by the end of March I’ll have a concrete date set.
      Thank you again.

  10. Thank you for writing these books I very much so enjoyed reading them. However I do have a concern. Because of my religious beliefs I refrain from reading books that involve magic and sorceryy and spiritism. I do hope to read your next book so I would like to know if thats where the books are heading.
    Again thank you so much for an enjoyable novel.

    1. Hi, Roberto.
      I don’t know if you notice in my writing or not, but I’m a very religious person as well. I wouldn’t say that Book 4 will involve magic, witches or sorcery at all. More like special talents certain characters have.
      There are new characters (species of beings) brought into book four, but it would easily relate to a new super hero or something along those lines that you would find in a Marvel or DC universe.
      I, personally, feel that there are enough witches, sorcery & books with magic used in them out there already and I like to stray away from books that are already playing with that. I like the Guardians to be unique in their own way. If you have read book 3, then you’ll see that all I do in Book 4 is expand on certain ‘talents’ with characters.
      I hope this helps and am so happy you enjoyed the books
      My best,

      1. Thank you for clearing that up. I assumed that was the case but I’ve been wrong before with other books. I’m looking foreward to 4.

  11. You are a wonderful author and a great role model. I have one question though, is Reece based off of you? I’m so glad to have your books to read so I can get away from the outside world. Your books really grabbed my attention and couldn’t let me go! I am so excited to read the fourth book and any other book you will write! I’m sorry I didn’t give you a comment earlier but I, myself have been writing a book of my own. Thank you for the inspiration to read and do what I love!


  12. Hi! Like everyone else I’ve loved reading your books! Looking forward to reading book #4! You had mentioned in one of your replies that you thought March might be the month your fourth book comes out. So if thats the case could you please e-mail me to let me know?! Thanks Vickie

  13. OH MY GAWD!!!! i just finished book 3. I read the very 1st ancient guardians book when it first came out, recently read it again and bought the other 2. I can honestly say im in aww right now, i can not wait till the 4th book comes out. I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire 3rd book. You are a true artist with your words. Reading is one of my greatest passions in life. I have over 2,000 book alone on my nook, not including my kindle, and my hard and paper back books. I can say with all honesty that your books and one of my all time favorites to read. Please do not ever stop writing, for surely ill die of boredom. Thank you so much for sharing your love for writing with the world. I greatly anticipate the arrival of the next guardians book

  14. I have read all three so far. While reading the third however, I had no idea it wasn’t going to be the end. I was excited to hear there was going to be a fourth. Thank you for sharing your imagination.

  15. Love the details.This is the 3rd time I’ve read these series. The books are just packed with information,I love series that you can put down.the feelings are all there,love,hate, just can’t wait for the last book.

  16. I am so totally hooked on this series. I read the first book and fell in love with the characters. They were so well described and had such depth. I have read and re-read the first three books and I am so looking forward to reading the 4th book.

  17. Here is my full thoughts and feeling while reading the series.
    I started reading the series when third book was released. I was really happy when I finished the legacy of the key. Again, I was thrilled, excited and happy when I finished the uninvited. The reason was that the next book was available. The third book was beyond pleasure. But after it I felt sad, because the pemdas experience was paused. It rekindled when fourth released and it was greatest of them all.
    I have never read any better book than these. All of them are truly captivating and unforgettable.
    At the end, the one wish is that this experience and series go on and on.
    Hoping for the day when the news comes that you released your 10th book in ancient guardians series.:)

  18. I truly am amazed by your talent! There aren’t very many book that I could stay up reading all night! Yours did that! Hope to met you some day! How much would a signed copy be?

    Yours truly,

  19. I didn’t know that this was a romance series because I usually don’t read them. I started reading ith first book and I was immediately hooked. It was like I was transported into that new world. Exceptional writing. I can’t say enough good things about this series. When you are finished with the books it’s like loosing your best friend. I LOVED These books. I will be following you waiting to read whatever books are next. I loved that I didn’t have to read vulgar language. Thank you so very much for writing these books!! Your talent is amazing!!

    Thank you,


    1. Hi, Libby!
      Thank you so much for your comment and sharing that you enjoyed the series! I’m speechless and humbled. When the books touch readers who aren’t romance readers, I’m always filled with gratitude. You have no idea how much it helps build my confidence as a writer. Usually I would never recommend the series to a reader who doesn’t like romance in their books, but then I read or hear readers (like you) that don’t read romance, enjoying them and I have to reevaluate what I tell people when they ask about the book. I can’t thank you enough!
      Have a wonderful day!
      Stacy SL Morgan 😀

  20. I adore your books,the minute I was done with the sample I bought the whole series of Ancient Guardians. But I do feel that your new series The Guardian Novela series is not as good, when I was done with The Twin Paradox I did not really understand what was going on it gave a few hints but it did not really explain about Levi and Reece’s kids. Personally I feel it would be better to start a series about Levi and Reece’s kids or to continue with the original series but like I said a adore your books

  21. Really enjoyed the new book! It was awesome to meet the children. Don’t want to spoil anything; just get it and read it fast! You’ll want to read it again Doon. Awesome Stacy! Loved it.

  22. Just finished book four! I am an avid reader and stumbled upon the series a couple weeks ago and devoured them!! What great plot twists and characters! Great work, I will be sharing the books with my friends!

  23. I just finished all six books in a 3 day weekend and I enjoyed your story lines a great deal. Especially the fact that we know what is going on behind closed doors without you graphically spelling it out. This is a true romance book for me without all the sex! However I must say that I was so very distracted by all the spelling and gramatical errors that I had to put the stories down several times. I cannot believe that someone like you with truly award winning stories in her mind can’t get them down on paper and find someone capable of proofreading! If we, your readers can spot all these glaring errors maybe you should ask some of us to proofread your final copies. I do sincerely enjoy your novels and I mean for this to be constructive criticism and hope I haven’t offended you. Sincerely, Valerie

    1. Hi, Valerie.
      First of all, I’m so happy you enjoyed this series.
      Second, you are correct, there no excuses for glaring errors in any of these books. This is extremely embarrassing for an author to hear, but critically important. I will be sending these back through edits. The first book has seen seven different editors in order to find errors that were in it. It looks like it needs to head back to another editor.
      I apologize that you were distracted by these errors and I thank you for letting me know about them.
      I will be addressing this as swiftly as possible in order to update the books as swiftly as possible. I’ll also invite my street team to help go through all books, so I have more eyes on it.
      Again, thank you for reading and bringing this to my attention.
      My deepest gratitude,
      S. Morgan

    1. Hi Jean,
      Right now I’ve started a “miniseries” titled: The Guardians. This series starts with “Twin Paradox” (Some of the Ancient Guardians series characters make an appearance in it). This miniseries will have 10-12 short stories that follow Levi and Harrison after they first begin serving on Earth, up until they bring ‘The Key’ into Pemdas for protection. Each episode will be a different assignment Levi and Harrison go on. Currently, Twin Paradox is only on Amazon. The next episode, Submerged’ should be available in April on all ereading sites.
      Also, the Christmas novella, “Christmas at Pasidian Palace” was published as a holiday read, but brings readers back to Levi and Reece with their young children. A wedding takes place in this one as well.
      Until recently, I vowed I would end this series at 4 books. I did leave Book Four with closure, but open so I could return to the characters if they had another adventure to bring us on. It appears as though they’re not done telling their story…I will be writing a 5th book now. 🙂
      I hope this answer helps.
      Also, there were certain parts in The Legacy of the Key we never got to see, because we were in Reece’s POV in that book. I’m releasing an anniversary edition of that book on Valentines day. It consists of 20k words and 50 added pages of particular scenes in Levi and Harrison’s POV.
      Thank you for taking time to leave a comment. Have a wonderful day,

  24. Hi

    I’ve read all the books in the ancient guardian series and I want to thank you for writing something that has made me live, cry and laugh with every page.

    I hope there’s going to be a book 5, 6 and much more. Please do let me know.

    Thank you for such a beautiful treasure.


  25. As someone has already said, I don’t usually enjoy a romance, but these were so different. I couldn’t wait to read them.
    I really think you could go a lot further with Levi, Reece, and there family. If you are going to do a book 5, when do you think it would be out, as the whole series has been brilliant.

  26. This series is the BEST I have ever read. Are you going to keep the series going?? I sure wish you would.

  27. I want to let you know how much I love these books!! I’ve read all the books and novellas twice! I usually don’t read romance books but since it was a YA series I decided to try it out. I am so glad I did. I am waiting for book 5. I will be reading them again soon.

    Thank you for writing them. It’s almost like a Cinderella story. I have always loved the story of Cinderella.


    1. Currently, the the pulished books in the series are “A Christmas at Padisian Palace” which is set close to five years after Book 4, The Reckoning ends. It is a light, holiday read and short story and currently only on Amazon.
      There also is a short story title “The Guardians: Twin Paradox” (Episode One) which take readers back to the time when Levi and Harrison are graduates of Guardian training and go on their first assignment on earth. (There are cameos from the main series in this book as well) Found only on Amazon right now.

      Right now I’m working on a spin-off trilogy that follows 18-year old Alexander Oxley has he goes on a peculiar quest in order to save his family and dimension. “Ancient Guardians: Cursed” is looking at an early spring release I’d everything goes smoothly with editors. This book will publish to all online eReading sites before going exclusively into Amazon’s reading program 🙂

  28. I enjoyed the series afte reading the fourth book looking forward to reading a fifth the Levi and Reece and Harrison dynamic was fun and never which way the plot would turn.

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